These Games Were Missing From Nintendo's Indie World Showcase

A few times a year, Nintendo holds a Direct-like presentation to show off all of the fantastic games created by independent developers coming to the Switch platform. The most recent edition featured many exciting titles like Ooblets, We Are OFK, TABS, and Soundfall, but some notable names were missing from the indie show. These are the seemingly vanished indie games confirmed for Switch, forcing us to rely on forming ritualistic prayer circles, hoping they’ll show up at any event with new information in tow.

Hollow Knight: Silksong

Let’s get this one out of the way. Team Cherry has been tight-lipped on what it has in store for Hollow Knight: Silksong and we are waiting with bated breath to know more. The sequel to 2017’s creepy, cutesy action game was originally supposed to be a DLC for Hollow Knight featuring prominent figure and boss, Hornet, as a playable character. The project eventually ballooned and was announced as a separate title entirely in 2019, and outside of our own Matt Miller’s hands-on preview with the opening levels of the game a few months later, we’ve heard less than a peep on the project. Team Cherry claims it’s still coming, so we’ll just have to be patient until the studio decides to break the internet and give a substantial update.

Sports Story

Whether you’re looking to swing a baseball bat, a tennis racket, or a golf club, Sports Story has more recreation and humor than you can shake a penalty flag at. Veering from the links that occupied the focus of Sidebar Games’ spectacular Golf Story, Sports Story will still include golf but venture into other sports as well, sometimes mixing them in fun ways. It doesn’t feel like it, but hardly any new information on this anticipated sequel has been revealed since its announcement almost three years ago!

Well, there was the screenshot above, shared by Sidebar on Twitter and this update posted shortly after saying, “Some parts of the game unexpectedly grew quite large. The tennis part now has a full career that spans multiple zones. We decided we had no choice but to see it through, and look forward to sharing the results of our struggles. We think it was worth it.” We hope it is worth it and doesn’t keep us off the course/court/pitch/field for too much longer.

Hollow Knight: Silksong

She Dreams Elsewhere

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk

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