There’s a Disney Wordle now because of course there is

Mickeyrdle may be hard to pronounce, but it’s the perfect Wordle alternative for the hardcore Disney crowd.

Considering how much of the planet Disney already owns, it’s hardly surprising that there would be a Disney themed version of the insanely popular online puzzle game Wordle.

Although it isn’t officially licensed by Disney itself, Mickeyrdle, as it’s called, can be found on Mickey Visit, a blog that covers updates to the Disneyland theme parks.

As you can probably guess, it functions exactly the same as Wordle: guess the five-letter word in six tries or less. The key difference is that the answer will be a word or character associated with the Disney brand.

This covers everything from the classic Disney cartoons and Pixar movies to Star Wars and Marvel, and even the theme parks. Ironically, Mickey himself can’t be an answer.

Much like Wordle, it is completely free and clicking the description even brings up a link to the original game. However, it is limited to one puzzle a day and, unlike Wordle, there’s no stat tracker or option to share your answer on Twitter, so you can brag to your fellow Disney nerds.

Mickeyrdle does feature cookies, asking if it can access and share your data, something classic Wordle and other Wordle clones like Quordle don’t do.

At the very least, it doesn’t have ads, but the bottom of the page does include a bunch of links to some of Mickey Visit’s resources, like guides on how to get discounted tickets for the theme parks.

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