The Worst Skyrim Mods So Far

Plenty has been written about mods that make Skyrim great. In fact, after being out for so many years now, mods are a huge part of what keep Skyrim feeling interesting and new. Many of these mods either enhance the gameplay, or they add new features into the game entirely.

However, this doesn’t mean that some of the mods out there should have never—and I mean never—been created.

No Dirty Caucasian Female Bodies

This one probably takes the cake for worst Skyrim mod of all time. Because that’s what we need—more sexism in video games. It’s so awesome that someone came to the rescue with a mod that makes it so that all the Caucasian females look shiny and pretty after traveling the world and slaughtering their enemies. God forbid a woman looks anything less than absolutely pristine at all times.

My Little Pony

My question is… why? What did it take for someone to find the motivation to add My Little Pony horses into Skyrim? I suppose I shouldn’t be too shocked, given that there is a whole group of Bronies out there. But still, Skyrim is one of the last places I would have expected to see their presence pop up.

My Little Pony Dragon

This needed to go in a separate category because this takes it a step further. It’s one thing to add My Little Pony horses into Skyrim, but to turn dragons into Fluttershy? My eyes will never be able to unsee this. The damage will be forever with me.

Bouncing Boobs

Honestly, it’s not that I have anything against this per se, but out of all places to incorporate this, why choose Skyrim? There is an entire universe for this on the internet, and if you’re dead set on having this in games, there are plenty of better video games suited for this type of thing.


It’s not so much that there’s a problem with having anthropomorphic characters in Skyrim, because we obviously get that already with the original game. But there’s just something to be said about the need to turn them ALL into furries…

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