The Witcher Author’s Responses In Latest Interview Are Nothing Short Of Amazing

Andrzej Sapkowski, author and creator of The Witcher novels, is as straight-talking as Geralt of Rivia himself. In an entirely honest, incredibly blunt, and frankly amazing io9 interview, he opens up (kind of) about the Netflix adaptation, video games, and not wanting to work. Here are some of the highlights.

When novels are adapted for screen, one of the questions authors immediately get asked is what they did and didn’t like about the adaptation. If you were hoping to discover Sapkowski’s preferences on this matter then you’re out of luck. When asked about the best parts he simply said “My name appears in the credits. I cannot praise the show. It wouldn’t be decent.” Likewise, on the topic of the worst parts, he is similarly blunt, stating “I would have to be an idiot to say.”

One assumes then that he had little to do with the game adaptation but surely he was involved with the Netflix one, especially since it draws more from his original material? It turns out that the answer to that is no, not really, due to him not being a fan of work…

Sapkowski was asked if there was anything he insisted was included and he stated “For the record: I strongly believe in the freedom of an artist and his artistic expression.” following with “I advise. When necessary. And asked for.” As this reply suggests, Sapkowski wasn’t heavily involved at all, although he insists that was a choice, describing his involvement as “Not very much, on my own request. I do not like working too hard or too long. By the way, I do not like working at all.”

The interview shows us that Sapkowski is straight-talking and probably really hates interviews. He gives off the air of someone who thinks all the questions are stupid and pointless. This is especially evident when asked how he felt about his books being reprinted his reply was “My feelings were rather obvious and not excessively complex.” His completely unveiled air of sarcasm, occasional swears, and bluntness are both unexpected and amusing. To read the full interview in all its chaotic glory, head over to gizmodo.

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