The Witcher 3: Twisted Firestarter Quest Walkthrough

Twisted Firestarter is a short sidequest Geralt can take on at the start of his adventures in The Witcher 3. While Geralt is going about his business in the game's starting region of White Orchard, he may notice a single building has been torched within the town. Tension among the locals has risen since Nilfgaardian soldiers came to town, and poor Willis, the dwarven blacksmith, is being targeted for his compliance to supply 'the black ones' with crafts from his trade.

Willis has put up with sour looks and more than his fair share of bullying from the other townsfolk, but it may be an understatement to say things have escalated now that someone has burned down his forge. If Geralt wants to make good with the local tradesman, it may be worth taking on this simple quest while he's in the area. But don't put it off because this quest auto-fails once Geralt leaves for his "Imperial Audience" with Emporer Emhyr.

Tracking The Arsonist

Quest Start Location: From the Woesong bridge, Willis' burnt forge is towards the far end of town on the left.

Twisted Firestarter Walkthrough
1. After speaking with Willis, use Geralt's witcher senses to pick up a set of human tracks behind the building.
2. Follow the tracks to the banks near the Woesong bridge. (There's a bottle of alcohol Geralt can examine along the way.)
3. Examine the tracks next to the boat to deduce the arsonist removed his boots and waded through the water to cover his trail.
4. Continue under the bridge and look for more tracks on the same bank further upstream. You'll see the arsonist's boots lying where the tracks pick up again. Examining the area will reveal the arsonist had a scrap with some drowners but escaped with superficial wounds.)
5. Continue following the tracks back through the village and into a house.
6. The house is full of useful early game items so take a moment to establish sound looting habits and set yourself up for prosperous adventuring throughout the rest of the game.
7. Geralt will find the injured arsonist in the back room of the building.

Dialogue Choices and Outcomes

​​​​​​The arsonist called Napp will try to bribe Geralt to let him walk free, leaving the witcher with two options:

Dialogue Outcome
1. "No chance. You're coming with me." This option requires Geralt to make a second decision, as Napp will not go willingly.

  1. Fistfight Napp.
  2. Use Axii. This is the easiest option and awards an additional 25 XP.
2. "Fine – but no more arson." If Geralt agrees to let Napp off the hook, the vandal will pay the witcher off with 20 Crowns, but this way, Geralt forfeits the additional XP and the increased XP from turning Napp in, and Geralt needs all the XP he can get at this stage in the game.

If Geralt decides to turn Napp in to Willis, no matter how he goes about subduing him, Geralt will need to escort the arsonist back to the forge.

TIP: You can toggle on Geralt's walking speed to keep better pace with the confounded and or injured arsonist as he staggers quite slowly, but Geralt can still trigger the cutscene with Willis even if Napp is still making his way to the forge.

Turn The Arsonist in Or Let Him Go

If Geralt turns in the arsonist by delivering him to the forge and into the hands of the Nilfgaardians, Willis will reward Geralt with a shop discount, and it is assumed the arsonist's fate is a swift hanging. The hanging of one of their own will set the townsfolk against Willis if Geralt checks in with the blacksmith again after the quest, and Geralt will urge him to leave town if the dwarf loses the soldiers' protection.

However, even if Geralt accepted the bribe and let Napp go, Willis' post dialogue remains the same, and the blacksmith will still be on the outs with the townsfolk. The only difference is a reduced XP reward and having to pay full price at Willis' shop.

Discount or not, we can't recommend doing dealings with Willis seeing he's an overpriced swindler, to begin with. Buying or selling to Willis is a common pitfall many players fall prey to in the early game, and it's best to avoid dealings with him altogether. Though if you must offload some materials with Willis, successful completion of the Twisted Firestarter quest will make those trades marginally more reasonable when Geralt has no alternative.

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