The Witcher 3 Patch Addresses PC Performance Issues Caused By Current-Gen Update

Witcher 3 finally received its current-gen update last week, and while it was a peachy experience on Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 (mostly), things weren’t so great over on the PC side of the gaming spectrum. Broken ray tracing, DLSS not working, random crashes, and overall poor performance were just some of the issues players reported after receiving their upgrade, which many derided as a downgrade over the original.

Developer CD Projekt Red acknowledged the issues on PC and said it was "actively investigating," eventually narrowing down its top priority issues. Game crashes, poor ray tracing performance on Intel GPUs, and the Origin version of the game being unable to update were at the top, although CD Projekt Red stated it’s still looking for more feedback for further performance enhancements.

Today, we got our first hotfix. CDPR said that the version number The Witcher 3 won't change, but it "should improve the overall stability and performance, and fix GOG & Steam overlays." Additionally, the Origin version of the game can finally update, so if you purchased The Witcher 3 on EA's launcher, now's your time to give the current-gen update a try. CD Projekt Red community director Marcin Momot said to set aside 3 GB for the update on Steam and 1.9 GB on GOG.

Aside from overhauling the game's visuals and adding a ton of new features, the current-gen update also adds a brand-new quest that has you help out a priest near The Devil's Pit. Complete the quest successfully with the "good" ending and you'll also notice a pooch named Kal wandering around the location. That's a nod to Henry Cavill's real-life dog, an American Akita named "Kal" for his role as Superman (Cavill's role, not the dog). There's also a mysterious new easter egg that refers to Cyberpunk 2077, another of CD Projekt Red's games that suffered a rough launch, but has managed to turn things around in the years since.

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