The Witcher 3: How To Defeat The Cloud Giant

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The Land Of A Thousand Fables is a special realm in The Witcher 3 that you encounter in the Blood And Wine DLC. There are various challenges you'll face within the realm, including multiple boss fights, with the final being a powerful boss named the Cloud Giant.

The Cloud Giant is one of the strongest enemies in the Land Of A Thousand Fables, but defeating him is possible if you follow a few steps. Here's everything you need to know about the Cloud Giant, including how to defeat him, how to avoid his attacks, and what items you should bring to the fight.

Who Is The Cloud Giant?

According to the Bestiary, the Cloud Giant wasn't always a menace. At one point, it's possible that the Cloud Giant was a kind being, but the Land Of A Thousand Fables has regressed in many ways, and the Cloud Giant is the result of this regression.

He can be found at the end of this questline, after growing the Beanstalk and climbing to the top. Just outside of the castle gates, you'll come up against this beast.

How To Defeat The Cloud Giant

Although the Cloud Giant is the final boss in the Land Of A Thousand Fables, it's not too difficult to defeat once you learn the mechanics of the boss fight. You should also collect a few items before you attempt to face the Cloud Giant in battle.

Items You Need To Defeat The Cloud Giant

The Cloud Giant is weak to fire, so Dancing Star bombs are the perfect weapon to use if you want to deal a lot of damage to it. There are multiple versions of this bomb; you can find each of the crafting recipes below.

Dancing Star 100 Fire Damage, Two Charges One Saltpeter, Two Sulfur
Enhanced Dancing Star 100 Fire Damage, Three Charges One Dancing Star, One Phosphorus, One Sulfur, One Nostrix, One Sewant Mushroom, One Stammelford's Dust, One Hellebore Petals
Superior Dancing Star 100 Fire Damage, Four Charges One Enhanced Dancing Star, Two Phosphorus, Two Sulphur, One Alchemist's Powder, Two Nostrix, Two Sewant Mushrooms, One Nigredo

Ogroid Oil is the strongest item you can use to deal extra damage against the Cloud Giant. Ogroid Oil allows you to deal ten percent extra damage, but there are a few other versions of this oil you can use as well. Each of the crafting recipes are below.

Ogroid Oil 10% Extra Damage One Bear Fat, Four Ginatia Petals
Enhanced Ogroid Oil 25% Extra Damage One Ogroid Oil, Two Bear Fat, One Cave Troll Liver, One Longtube, One Ribleaf, One Ranogrin, One Ginatia Petals
Superior Ogroid Oil 50% Extra Damage One Enhanced Ogroid Oil, One Cave Troll Liver, One Ribleaf, One Ranogrin, One Aether, One Arenaria, Two Alchemy Paste

How To Defend Against The Cloud Giant

Dodging is half the work while fighting the Cloud Giant. This beast can disappear underneath the clouds, which gives him a chance to hit you with a sneak attack. As such, you need to be dodging all the time when the Cloud Giant disappears so that you don't get hit by his attack once he comes up from the clouds.

The Cloud Giant is slow, and he primarily uses melee attacks, so it's not hard to dodge his attacks when he's above the clouds. Dodging is essential when he's below the clouds, so you don't get hit with a massive attack.

How To Deal Damage To The Cloud Giant

The Cloud Giant is a sturdy boss, but luckily it's weak to fire, so there are many ways to damage it. First, you should use the Igni sign to deal fire damage. Second, you can use Dancing Star bombs. You can find the crafting recipes for every type of Dancing Star above.

Another way to defeat the Cloud Giant is with your Crossbow. You can shoot the Cloud Giant in its eye to kill it immediately. Since shooting the Cloud Giant directly in its eye is difficult, you may need help from the Lightning Reflexes ability because it slows down time. This is the fastest method to defeat the Cloud Giant, although it's also the most difficult, especially if you seldom use a Crossbow during combat.

As well as fire and ranged attacks, you can also use a Silver Sword with Ogroid Oil to damage the Cloud Giant. You can stun the boss before attacking him by waiting for the metal beacons to be struck by lightning. When a beacon has electricity, you can lure the Cloud Giant over to it and make it hit the beacon with its cloud leaping attack. This will stun the Cloud Giant for around 20 seconds, so you can damage it without it fighting back.

Each of the metal pillars around the battlefield can stun the Cloud Giant, but make sure to bring the giant towards the pillar that's currently charged with electricity.

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