The Witcher 3 Current-Gen Update Brings Back The "Top Notch Swords" Guy

The Witcher 3 just received an update, Version 4.01, which adds new equipment for players to use during their adventures in the Northern Kingdoms. In addition to bringing back a beloved line of dialogue that was previously removed in the Complete Edition, the update features a little bit of new gear, namely a pair of Witcher swords.

These new additions to the game are sure to excite fans who have been eagerly awaiting new content, especially given that some is based on the presentation given by CD Projekt at E3 2014. This was naturally spotted by some very dedicated players almost immediately after the update was launched. The downside is that both swords are only available on current generation consoles and PC, Version 4.01 being part of the recently released Next-Gen Update.

The most exciting new content is of course a couple of Witcher swords. These are specifically designed for hunting monsters and introduce a few rather subtle gameplay elements and mechanics. The swords come in different styles and designs, each with its own unique stats and abilities.

Met by the Novigrad merchant with a greeting of “top notch swords,” players can purchase the Silver Sword with increased sign intensity or the Steel Sword with increased critical hit chance and damage bonus. The gear added in this new update will provide players with more options for customizing their character and preparing for battle. The Steel Sword is even based on the equipment shown at E3 2014.

The swords are accessible to players of any level. Whether a new or seasoned Witcher, you can use these unexpected additions to the game to enhance your character. The new gear is sure to be popular with fans of The Witcher 3, providing them with even more incentive to explore the vast open world. Whether you're looking to upgrade your character stats or simply want to try out some new equipment, this update is definitely worth downloading.

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