The Whole Kong Family Is In The Super Mario Bros. Movie

The Super Mario Bros. Movie has its second trailer and the world has been given a first look at more of its characters. We finally know what Anya Taylor-Joy's Princess Peach looks and sounds like, and the trailer kicked off with Mario battling Donkey Kong. However, a closer look shows DK isn't the only member of the Kong family in the movie.

There's a massive crowd in attendance to see Mario get punched in the face by Donkey Kong, including Peach and Toad. Fans have naturally been going over the trailer frame by frame and found some of DK's relatives in the audience. Diddy Kong's there, as are Swanky and Dixie Kong. The Kong cameos don't end there either, as DK returns at the end of the trailer.

Packed with easter eggs from various corners of the Mushroom Kingdom, rumors that Mario Kart will also be sharing the big screen spotlight were confirmed at the end of the new trailer. Mario tears down a movie version of Rainbow Road with various characters in tow in a scene reminiscent of the one in Endgame when all the heroes unite to battle Thanos.

Clearly Mario and DK are on the same page by that point in the movie as Seth Rogen's character can be seen right behind the plumber. As for the additional Kong cameos, Funky Kong can be seen driving a similar kart to DK right behind him, and Kiddie Kong has also been picked out of the pack. Diddy Kong also makes another appearance on Rainbow Road. Now the speculation on what part the Kongs will play in the movie and who will voice them all can begin.

Even before the first trailer for the Mario Movie had debuted, there were rumors that Nintendo and Illumination already have a solo Donkey Kong movie in the works. The number of other Kong characters in the trailer alone appears to all but confirm that will be the case. That's providing the initial Mario movie does well at the box office next year which seems almost guaranteed.

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