The Sims 4 Werewolves: How To Become The Pack Alpha

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  • Step One: Join A Pack
  • Step Two: Adhere To Pack Values
  • Step Three: Complete The Pack's Werewolf Aspiration
  • Step Four: Unlock The Alpha Wolf Ability (And Fight!)

The addition of werewolves to The Sims 4 brings with it a host of exciting new gameplay options. Waking up to a life governed by the full moon, your Sims now have to handle their Fury on top of the daily intricacies of life – or risk transforming into a formidable beast and going on a rampage about town.

As well as keeping a lid on that fiery temper, Sims can join one of two rival werewolf Packs and challenge the Alpha to take their place as Top Dog. Read on to find out how!

Step One: Join A Pack

If you're ready to graft your way to the top of the food chain, and if your Sim has already become a werewolf, you'll want to join one of Moonwood Mill's Packs and suck up to the pack leader.

After befriending either Alpha, the option to 'Become A Friend Of…' will be available to select as an interaction when you speak to them. Once becoming a Friend of the Pack, you will be able to use the clubhouse facilities – and what's more, you can become a friend of both Packs if you haven't decided which one is for you yet.

You will be able to click 'Join Pack' and demonstrate various werewolf skills to impress the Alpha, from showing off your finest Scavenging techniques to discussing the Lunar Epiphany. These skills can only be performed once your werewolf has experienced their first Transformation, and some of them require corresponding abilities to be purchased from the skills tree.

Where To Find The Moonwood Collective's Alpha

The Moonwood Collective is led by esteemed Pack Alpha, Kristopher Volkov. Easy to pick out from the crowd for his long brown hair, trimmed beard, and flowing patchwork coat, Kristopher can usually be found at the Collective's club hangout. This is marked by a hollow tree trunk just to the right of Howling Point, nestled amidst the lush greenery and surrounded by picnic tables, outdoor grills, and gardening patches or planters.

The Collective is a great choice if your Sim is looking to make respectable, friendly connections who champion Werewolf Diplomacy as a core value. These wolves frown on uncouth displays of aggression or intimidation toward others, so you'll need to put your best paw forward as you make your case to join Kristopher's pacifist ranks.

Where To Find The Wildfangs' Alpha

If you welcome the animalistic aspects of your lunar gift with hungry, dripping jaws, The Wildfangs might be the Pack for you. This scrappy band of rebels has Rory Oaklow at the helm. She is the blue-haired estranged child of rival Pack Alpha, Kristopher, who adopted her as a young pup.

You can find The Wildfangs' hideout nearby Grimtooth Bar and the Library, marked by the roaring bonfire outside a nondescript caravan, and Rory is never too far away from it.

The Wildfangs couldn't be more different from the Collective. For one thing, they not only accept their primal natures but are proud to show them off. One of the core beliefs of the Pack is that when it comes to lycanthropy versus humanity, every Sim should be so lucky as to become a child of the moon. That's why they will want you to actively turn more Sims into werewolves, expanding the Pack's presence in Moonwood Mill and building up momentum on The Wildfangs' path to greatness!

Step Two: Adhere To Pack Values

As a Pack member and wannabe Alpha, you will be expected to be an ambassador for your Packmates by espousing their Values in your day-to-day life.

By respecting your Pack Values, you'll work your way up the inner circle ranks and avoid being summoned by the current Alpha to be reprimanded. Even all-powerful lycanthropes can slip up but don't make a habit of it – repeat offenders could be ejected from the Pack unceremoniously.

Pack Value Which Pack
Pack Participation: Give pack gifts, maintain relationships with Packmates, and contribute Scavenged items to Pack Resources at the hangout The Wildfangs

The Moonwood Collective

Expand And Explore: Travel outside Moonwood Mill and Turn Sims into wolves The Wildfangs
Self Improvement: Work had to keep evolving your skills and unlock new abilties in the skill tree The Wildfangs
Self-Sufficiency: Hunt or fish for your own food The Moonwood Collective
Diplomacy: Ask non-werewolf Sims for Werewolf Sympathy and advocate for Werewolf Diplomacy The Moonwood Collective

If you get kicked out, you can still ask to re-join the Pack at a later date. Just don't screw up your second chance. It might be an idea to jump ship to the rival Pack if your values really don't align, or maybe even resign yourself to the solitary life of a Lone Wolf.

Step Three: Complete The Pack's Werewolf Aspiration

Whether a rebel Wildfang or friendly Collective Packmate, becoming the Alpha is the ultimate goal of both Pack's unique Werewolf Aspiration pathways.

Once you complete the Werewolf Initiate pathway, you will be given the option to either join a Pack and fulfill their Aspiration requirements or go for the Cure-Seeker and Lone Wolf pathways.

However, you need to be a werewolf to become the Alpha, and you definitely will need a Pack to lead.

If you want to hit all five pathways, go for those last two once you have risen up as the ultimate big bad wolf of your chosen Pack. After all, even Alphas can retire – right?

How To Complete The Emissary Of The Collective Aspiration

  • Join The Moonwood Collective: follow step one of this article!
  • Socialise With Werewolf Friends: carry out 15 friendly interactions with any members of your Pack
  • Be A Good Werewolf Ambassador: avoid transforming or acting hostile towards other Sims in werewolf form.
  • Become Alpha Of The Moonwood Collective: challenge and defeat Kristopher Volkov in a battle to become Alpha.

How To Complete The Wildfang Renegade Aspiration

  • Join The Wildfangs: follow step one for success.
  • Turn Sims Into Werewolves: bite three Sims with the Cursed Bite ability and turn them into werewolves.
  • Werewolf World Domination: rough-house with your fellow wolves by sparring with as many as you can!
  • Become Alpha Of The Wildfangs: face-off against Rory Oaklow at the sparring grounds to snatch her crown and reign supreme.

Step Four: Unlock The Alpha Wolf Ability (And Fight!)

Once you collect enough ability points to raise yourself to the Apex werewolf rank, you'll be able to unlock the Alpha Wolf ability.

As well as the Natural Healing ability and raising your Body skill in general, this ability will be your veritable ace in the hole if you want to take on your Pack Alpha successfully. It boosts your overall intimidation and credibility as a wolf, making other wolves respect your dominance and greatly increasing your chances of victory when fighting.

Once you unlock it, all that's left to do is challenge your Alpha at the sparring grounds – and fight tooth and nail for the crown.

If you've built up a strong friendship with Rory or Kristopher, be prepared for it to be severely wounded. After usurping either one as the Alpha, a negative Impression of you will appear in their relationship panel: the Hurt By Packmate grudge. Prepare to do a lot of grovelling – or simply leave them in the dust you cold-blooded Alpha, you.

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