The Sims 4: Understanding Werewolf Abilities

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The Sims 4 Werewolves introduces players to a whole new world of killer abilities to be unlocked. With every point of experience gained during your lycanthropic journey, you'll gain valuable experience points to spend in your skill tree to make you the biggest, baddest wolf in town – or a polite member of fur-clad society.

Whether you end up a member of the anarchic Wildfangs or the prim and proper Moonwood Collective, this guide will teach you the ins and outs of your new werewolf abilities so that you can invest those points with peace of mind.

Pup Rank Abilities

As a newborn werewolf, you will find yourself starting off as a Pup of little skill and substance. A slave to your baser instincts when Fury takes over, and you experience your first transformation, you will want to spend your meager points on abilities which make your wolf life easier to manage.

Ability Description
Ferocity Allows your werewolf to strike fear into the heart of non-wolf Sims!
Wolf Nap Unlocks the ability to curl up for a snooze absolutely anywhere in case you lack a bed.
Territory Marking Unlocks the ability to urinate anywhere and mark your territory to let other wolves know who's top dog.
Scavenger Unlocks the "Scavenge Here" interaction when you click on a patch of land, allowing you to dig up cool trinkets and items with the help of nothing but your claws.
Personal Grooming Remedy your low Hygiene Need with this ability which allows your werewolf Sim to simply lick themselves clean rather than bother with a shower.

Despite the Needs-relieving benefits of Wolf Nap and Personal Grooming, werewolves who have ready access to basic amenities would be smart to opt for the Scavenger ability sooner rather than later.

Doing so will allow you to dig for items in the world, eventually digging up The Insider's Guide To Being A Werewolf. This invaluable book will be your guiding light in this wacky world of lunar mayhem, and after many re-readings it will help you unlock the Lunar Epiphany dormant ability. This grants your Sim the knowledge to decipher complicated glyphs and scriptures which you might stumble across in your search for more werewolf lore.

Runt Rank Abilities

Runt Rank werewolves are nothing to sniff at, coming in clutch with some of the most valuable abilities in the skills tree.

Ability Description
Voracious Hunger Have you ever wanted to eat a couch? Or a bushel? Or a TV? This ability lets you satisfy your Hunger Need with pretty much anything.
Hunter Go and hunt for your food yourself with this ability which sends your wolf out on the trail of fresh meat (in either wolf or human form).
The Will To Resist Grants the ability to attempt to regain control after maxing your Fury meter, potentially snapping yourself out of Rampage mode and turning you back to normal. A few successful attempts at this will awaken the dormant ability Transformation Mastery.
Enhanced Smell An excellent ability to go hand-in-paw with your Scavenger ability from Pup rank, this one lets you sniff out spots with more valuable concealed items.
Somber Howl Reduces a percentage of your Fury in exchange for a sad moodlet.

You'll want to pick up The Will to Resist as soon as possible in order to snap yourself out of a red-hot rampage. Accompany this with Enhanced Smell to make your foraging expeditions bear more valuable fruit, or grab Hunter to take your Sim on a little outing with a delicious reward – a necessity for wolves with the Carnivore Temperament.

Whilst a lot of fun, Voracious Hunger can be something of a nuisance. Eating too many non-food items grants your Sim negative moodlets, although they do satisfy your Hunger Need in a pinch.

Members of The Moonwood Collective will be frowned upon for eating the furniture in any human Sim's presence. Yes, even in your own home!

Prime Rank Abilities

Mid-foodchain Prime Rank wolves are finally getting to the good stuff!

Ability Description
Lunar Blessing Unlocking this ability gives your wolf a mood and skills boost during the full moon period.
Night Vision With this ability equipped, your wolf will take less time hunting and bring back more fresh meat!
Natural Healing If you're prone to a little friendly (or unfriendly) sparring with fellow wolves or those filthy bloodsuckers in Forgotten Hollow, Natural Healing means you recuperate quicker from negative moodlets gained by fighting.
Pack Howl Satisfy your social needs and communicate with your Pack from afar using the Pack Howl ability.
Curse Bearer If you want to be able to turn human Sims into werewolves too, you'll need to grab the Cursed Bite ability to pass on the disease which started it all: Wererabies.

If you've already fallen into step with a Pack, opting for Pack Howl is an excellent way to meet the social requirements if you want to stay in Rory or Kristopher's good books.

Going solo for now? Be sure to grab Night Vision and Lunar Blessing to make your evenings nights a little less hectic; with fewer wolves around to help you keep your cool, who knows what that dreaded full moon will have in store?

Finally, Cursed Bite is a necessity if you wish to expand your Pack at some point. Even if you don't use it much, it's always useful to be a potential sire in a world full of humans!

Veteran Rank Abilities

Tried, tested, and withstanding all odds, a Veteran Rank werewolf should be a master by now.

Ability Description
Vicious Howl A bloodthirsty howl which instils fear in any non-human Sim in the vicinity.
Hunting Party Grab your buddies and go on the hunt together whilst earning additional benefits as a reward for your camaraderie.
Lunar Resistance The moon is no match for a Veteran wolf, and your Fury becomes less contingent upon its harmful effects.
Tunneler Driving and biking are things of the past, as this ability lets you burrow your way anywhere!
Primal Instincts Dull those pesky human emotions and focus on your baser nature with this Needs-nullifying ability.

Whether welcoming life as a ferocious beast or fitting in with your human counterparts over a nice group meal, Lunar Resistance and Tunneler are solid abilities which will permit you greater freedom to do as you please, no matter which phase the moon is in.

If you're growing weary of your Temperaments and the associated mood-swings, Primal Instincts will help you ignore the more feeble aspects of your waning human condition in exchange for getting further in touch with your bestial side.

Apex Rank Abilities

Congratulations! You've made it to the big leagues as an Apex Rank werewolf.

Abilities Description
Super Speed Zoom your way about town in no time at all! Increasing movement speed whilst running significantly.
Alpha Wolf Exude confidence and dominate your opponents when fighting, whether physically or for top spot as Alpha of your Pack.
Immortal Wolf Dying's for wimps, after all.
Lunar Howl Frustrated with your Temperaments? Use this special howl on a full moon to shake up your Temperaments and give you a whole new perspective on life – and maybe earn a special hidden Temperament earned only through Lunar Howl.
Legacy of The Lycan If you've filled up your ability skill tree, purchase this one to turn excess ability points into Satisfaction points.

Lunar Howl is another essential ability which should be acquired ASAP to shuffle your acquired Temperaments once per full moon. This is very useful if you find yourself enslaved to your lycanthropic Fury, constantly building your way up to a rampage quicker than you can dissipate it.

Now, unlock Immortal Wolf and Alpha Wolf to seal the deal and place yourself strongly in the running to become your Pack's next leader.

All Dormant Abilities In The Sims 4: Werewolves

These dormant traits have to be unlocked. Here's how each one is triggered.

  • Werewolf Diplomacy, acquired by successfully enacting the Ask For Werewolf Sympathy interaction on a non-wolf Sim with whom you have a high relationship. This unlocks the Werewolf Diplomacy interaction, which grants a non-wolf Sim the Werewolf Ally trait and makes them more understanding (and less frightened) of their werewolf buddies.
  • Transformation Mastery, which allows you to wolf-out at will! This ability is awakened after successfully using Will To Resist whilst riding out a rampage, quenching your Fury turning you back to normal.
  • Werewolf Empathy, unlocked once you reach the Delta tier in your Pack. This allows you to pacify rampaging wolves and ease them out of their Fury.
  • Lunar Epiphany lets you comprehend mysterious lore-based texts scattered throughout the world, and is unlocked after a few reads of The Insider's Guide To Being A Werewolf.
  • Werewolf Mentorship can be unlocked after reaching Veteran Rank if you interact positively with your werewolf friends using interactions such as Share Werewolf Experiences and Pack Howl. This allows you to mentor the junior lycanthropes and train them up to your fierce caliber!
  • Werewolf Menace, unlocked by scaring or biting a Sim who is already petrified of you. This ability will give you a playful moodlet when scaring the neighbourhood normies with your Ferocious Intimidation of Vicious Howl!

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