The Sims 4: How To Use The Sexual Orientation Options

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The Sims 4's game-changing free update drops have added complex layers of customization to the already sprawling roster of options. Alongside the High School Years expansion pack, the EA team rolled out the sexuality hotfix update that, for the first time in Sims history, allows you to set your Sim's sexual orientation and ascertain that of your NPC crush.

Before plucking up the courage to hit on someone, try to suss out whether their interests match your own. Here's a guide to the sexual orientation system and how to use it for realistic gameplay.

Create-A-Sim Sexual Orientation Settings

If you're making your Sims from scratch in the Create-A-Sim menu, you can edit their gender and sexuality preferences in the gender panel to the left of the basic information window when you add a new Sim to the household.

The preferences are split into three categories.

Romantic Interests This indicates who your Sim will fall in love with. Your options are Man, Woman, or deselect both options to choose none.
WooHoo or Mess Around Interests This indicates who your Sim will consider for a physical relationship. Your options are Man, Woman, or deselect both options to choose none.
Exploration Options This indicates your Sim's openness to testing the waters of their romantic attractions. Ticking "no" will make them politely reject advances from Sims who don't match up to their romantic preferences.

If you're playing in Live Mode, or wish to edit your Sim's preferences further down the line — such as when a child ages up to teen-hood or if you're no longer open to exploring your attractions — you can edit these by clicking on a mirror and selecting "Change Sim".

This will open your Sim in Create-A-Sim, so you can simply make the necessary changes in the gender panel.

NPC Sexual Orientation In The Sims 4

Butterflies swirl in your stomach as you stand before your crush, the love of your swooning teenage life, and ask them out to Prom.

Alas, you walk away with your heart in pieces and an Embarrassed moodlet to boot, since your crush isn't into you that way at all. Bummer!

To avoid this happening, there are two ways to ascertain the romantic and physical interests of NPCs in The Sims 4:

  • Ask about their romantic/WooHoo/mess-around preferences. If your relationship with another Sim is high enough, allow your interest to be piqued and simply ask your crush what they're into. Even if you're not an option for them, it's better to be let down gently and save your pride.
  • Shoot your shot and flirt with them. If you're not one to cosy up and get to know people before slinging the compliments, throw caution to the wind and flirt in order to discover a Sim's preferences. Just bear in mind that flirting with someone who isn't into you could land you with a powerful Embarrassed moodlet for a couple of hours.

When your Sim discovers the preference of another Sim, it will show up in their Sim Information panel. You can access this from your Friends window in the lower-right toolbar.

Once you know their attractions, your Sim won't be able to flirt with Sims whose interests don't include you.

If you really are desperate for your Sim to date an NPC that isn't compatible with them, you can always befriend them, add them to your household, and then edit their preferences in the Create-A-Sim menu using a mirror.

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