The Simpsons Hit & Run OST Was Put On Spotify Last Year And No One Noticed

After years of silence, The Simpsons Hit & Run fans just woke up to the best news we've had in a while: the full original soundtrack is available on Spotify, Apple Music, and other music services. With absolutely no announcement, many found it bizarre to see this long-forgotten game (well, forgotten by rights holders anyway) get shown some love. Yet I'm here to tell you that it gets even weirder.

While many are only discovering the news today, the Hit & Run soundtrack has actually been on Spotify since September last year at least – and it wasn't announced then either. For whatever reason, the OST has evaded most of us, with Disney doing absolutely nothing to hype up the release. This is despite fans calling for a sequel or remake for the past two decades, giving the soundtrack a huge potential audience.

The OST's availability on Spotify came under most radars today thanks to Twitter user Out of Context 20th Century Fox sharing that they had spotted it. This led many to report that it had only been added today, believing it had just been shadow-dropped on streaming services.

However, other social media posts show that a handful of fans had noticed it appear online months ago. The Simpsons Hit & Run speedrunner LiquidWifi shared the news all the way back in September, indicating that it has been available for some time. It even got some fans hoping that we'd get news of a remake.

Regardless of when it was added, it's likely to get some more attention now. We can already see that fans have favourite tracks too, with Simpsons Hotline, Homer's Day, and Legitimate Business being the most listened to at the time of writing. And for good reason – they're all bangers.

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