The Quarry Expands Accessibility With Death Rewind, Giant Subtitles, And More

The Quarry arrived on consoles and PC today as the spiritual successor to Until Dawn. Supermassive’s latest horror masterpiece is already getting rave reviews, including one from our very own Jade King.

In addition to offering a quality and schlocky horror story, The Quarry also brings with it a host of accessibility options. Jade already mentioned the ability to customize quick time events, letting players increase the time they have to mash the appropriate buttons, and also the ability to remap your controller layout completely on PC,

Now that the game is out, we’re also finding The Quarry shipped with several other novel accessibility options. As noted by Can I Play That?, subtitles are a big section of the options screen, with the ability to change text size, the opacity of the text box, enable speaker labels and assign speaker colors, and even an option for dyslexic players. Subtitles can get exceptionally large, as shown in the below screenshot.

QTEs can not only have their time limits extended, but players can also change them so that they don’t require rapid button presses and instead be completed with just a single held input. There are aim assist options alongside colorblind settings, and a death rewind tool that lets you take back an action that got a favorite character killed.

Tutorials for each setting are also available, which can be a great feature for players that take a break and need to be reminded of how everything works.

In case you haven't caught a preview, The Quarry digitizes a star-studded cast and then has them go to summer camp in the woods along with a bunch of monsters and killers. Survival means making the right decisions at the right time, although keeping all nine teenagers alive will be exceptionally difficult.

The Quarry is available now on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation.

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