The Quarry: 9 Side Characters Ranked

The Quarry’s nine playable characters are part of what makes the game so great. Each character is unique and brings something different to the story. But, the story wouldn’t go anywhere if it weren’t for the side characters. Whether they’re enemies, helping hands, or somewhere in between, The Quarry’s side characters are the ones who help to drive the plot.

In addition to being important to the story, some characters are just more significant or generally more likable than others. While some have morals, others don’t, which makes it difficult to determine who is actually on your side. Here’s a list of The Quarry’s side characters ranked from best to worst.

This list contains vague spoilers.

9 Grace And Anton: Sleuths For The Truth

Bizarre and Yet Bonafide co-hosts Grace Corvin and Anton Anderson may never be seen, but they’re certainly heard. The paranormal podcast helps to inform Ryan, and therefore the rest of the counselors, about some of Hackett's Quarry’s dark history.

The podcast hosts will do anything to bring stories to light, and that’s exactly what they do here. Their upbeat and inquisitive personalities combined with their desire to find and share the truth end up playing an important role in the game.

8 Kaylee: Wrong Place At The Wrong Time

Poor, Kaylee. She’s clearly been through a lot despite us never really meeting her. Your only real view of her is through her family photo and the other picture with Ryan. You unknowingly cross paths with her on multiple occasions and get very little insight into her personality aside from Dylan's description of her being "weird" and "reclusive."

If you’re being thorough while exploring, you’ll eventually find a letter from Kaylee addressed to her grandmother, Constance. This letter provides a little more information about her character, which makes it easier to sympathize with her. Despite the events prior to The Quarry, during, and after, it seems that Kaylee wanted to do the right thing.

7 Caleb: Could've Benefited From Critical Thinking

Just like Kaylee, we don’t really meet Caleb during the game’s story. You’re given very little information about him and his personality, aside from Dylan's aforementioned description. Again like Kaylee, you do cross paths with Caleb without realizing it.

Depending on how you handle a situation with Travis and Laura while playing Ryan, you might be given some insight into how all of this turmoil began at Hackett’s Quarry. Once you learn this information, you realize that at the end of the day, he really is a sweet boy who’s made some pretty terrible mistakes.

6 Travis: Friend Or Foe?

When you first meet him, you’re likely creeped out and annoyed by him. He shows up to help Laura and Max when they’ve crashed their car and isn’t very kind while speaking to them.

By no means is Travis a perfect character, much less a good one. He has a multitude of flaws that leave him teetering on the edge of hero and villain, but out of the older Hacketts, he’s definitely the easiest to side with. Travis loves his family, but he can see their flaws easier than his siblings. He may not care much for the counselors, but he really is just trying to do the right thing.

5 Chris: Why Is He Even Running A Summer Camp?

It’s hard to determine where Chris falls on this list. He’s not exactly a bad character, but he isn’t a good one either. Chris expresses some level of compassion towards the counselors, particularly Ryan, and he does seem to prioritize their safety to an extent.

There’s no questioning that Chris didn’t want the night to unfold the way it did, but knowing the circumstances, he was endangering the entire camp from the start. In addition to his recklessness, a conversation between him and Travis reveal a certain coldness behind his otherwise kind exterior.

4 Bobby: Large And Not So In Charge

This giant man covered in blood is a terrifying sight at first. You’re likely thinking the game is going in a Most Dangerous Game direction, as Dylan suggests early on, and being in the woods with this man doesn’t feel promising. Bobby is definitely not the worst of the Hacketts, but he’s not the most likable either. It seems that he follows orders more than making his own decisions.

He clearly loves his family and wants to help them in any way that he can, and he genuinely seems terrified of the threat they’re facing. But ultimately, he becomes more villainous than the rest.

3 Jedediah: Family Man Or Evil?

You don’t get too much information about Jedediah. You learn he’s the Hackett family’s patriarch and that he cares deeply for his family, which is why he does what he does throughout the entire game. Because of his devotion to his family, it’s easier to see his side of things.

Depending on your choices in the game, you can understand why he makes some of his decisions. Nonetheless, he definitely doesn’t have any appeal to you as the player, at least none that you’re actively aware of.

2 Constance: Mama Bear

The Hackett family’s matriarch clearly has a tight grip on the family. You can tell she’s the most dominant figure in the house, and that the rest of the family bends to her every whim. You can infer this while you listen in on a conversation between Travis and Chris. Travis provides Chris with information to which he receives the response “I’m going to tell Mom.” These are both grown men, they don’t need to run to their mother to handle their problems.

You don’t see too much of Constance, but what you do see is that she’s more cruel and callous than the rest of the Hacketts.

1 Eliza: Not All Guidance Is Positive

Upon first meeting Eliza, you wouldn’t expect her to be ranked the worst on this list. She’s the curator of the game, and she helps to guide you with her tarot card readings. What you don’t realize is that Eliza’s guidance is more calculating and self-serving than it seems. And if you’re given the opportunity to uncover Eliza’s true identity, you’ll realize she’s a terrible person.

You may not have to run and hide from her and avoid being killed, but when it comes down to it, Eliza is easily the worst person on this list.

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