The Quarry: 9 Scariest Enemies

When creating terrifying enemies, Supermassive doesn’t disappoint. Encountering monsters straight out of folklore and ancient creatures are common occurrences in these games. Sometimes, they’re so scary that you might even have trouble falling asleep after playing. Based on previous games, you can already predict that The Quarry is going to offer up some terrifying villains.

The Quarry has two types of enemies, and one is each more daunting than the next. Some of them look completely normal, while others look like they jumped straight out of a horror movie. Nonetheless, these enemies are horrifying, so here are The Quarry’s scariest enemies and villains.

Warning: Vague Plot Spoilers Ahead

9 Bobby Hackett

Here’s someone who doesn’t need to turn into a mythological creature in order to kill or maim you. Bobby Hackett is definitely the largest human character out of the bunch. He’s abnormally big, and he looks like one of those guys that can definitely crush an apple with his bicep, just ten times stronger, give or take.

Bobby can fight a beast in hand-to-hand combat, and even watching him walk in your direction is intimidating. Also, it doesn’t help that he’s completely covered in blood for the majority of the game.

8 Jedediah Hackett

In terms of his design, he’s not too scary. He’s an older man who cares about his family. But despite his family man status, he can be just as terrifying as the rest. Jedediah may be older, but his aim is still sharp. You’ll probably regret coming face to face with him in the first place.

Being on the other end of the gun is unnerving enough, but the tension and suspense he can create are palpable. Needless to say, don’t underestimate this man.

7 Werewolf In The Lodge

This one is enough to make anyone hit pause and take a little break to think things through. You can think of this beast as the equivalent of the final boss in Until Dawn.

The stakes are incredibly high and one wrong choice can easily result in your or another character’s death. You have to be precise and strategic in order to come out on top. Any mistake can be detrimental. And their surprise appearance doesn’t make it any easier to adjust to the conflict.

6 Constance Hackett

She’s definitely not scary looking, but her position in the Hackett family makes her intimidating enough. She won’t hesitate to shoot you, and she can control or tear down any of her family members with just a few words. Her control and manipulation make her all the more alarming to face as she can easily trigger your downfall.

Even in the short time you see her, you can tell that she’s cruel, calculating, and cold. And judging by her interactions with Travis, she’s certainly not someone you’d want to call “Mom.”

5 Werewolf In The Attic

The more you learn about The Quarry’s story, the more disturbed you’ll be when coming across this one. You don’t have much of a window to face this monster, and just the thought of eventually crossing paths with them can make anyone apprehensive.

Plus, when you do come face to face with this werewolf, it’s almost immediately a fight to the death with no room for error. The swiftness of the conflict makes this beast one of the most horrifying enemies in the game.

4 Playable Characters Turned Werewolf

Sure, the beasts are scary, but there’s nothing worse than witnessing one of your beloved playable characters turn into one. All the characters have the potential to be infected by this monstrous curse.

Just knowing one of your friends can transform and turn on you at any second feels like a ticking time bomb. Once you see those eyes, personalities, skin, and teeth changing, you have to be ready for anything. And you definitely don’t want to be trapped in a cellar with them when they do turn.

3 Eliza Vorez, The Curator

She doesn’t really seem too terrible until you’re nearing the end of your playthrough. If your choices aren’t meeting her standards, you’ll see another side of her that you wouldn’t expect upon first meeting her.

Eliza clearly hates the game’s main antagonists and wants to ensure that you’ve taken out every last one. When things don’t go her way, she can become enraged. If you find the right collectibles, Eliza’s true identity will be revealed.

2 Nature Can Kill

Though the boar that attacks Nick is pretty terrifying, sometimes the enemy doesn’t have to be a human or nonhuman animal. The surrounding environment can pose its own threats. Depending on the choices you make, you may get tangled in wires after diving into the lake. If you can’t break free, you’ll drown.

The risk of drowning can be just as stressful as evading an enemy attack, especially if you want to keep all of your characters alive. And simply missing a quick-time event by tripping over a tree root while running can mean certain death.

1 The White Wolf

Without a doubt, the White Wolf is the most terrifying of The Quarry’s enemies. He’s likely the largest beast out of the others and his design is pretty spine-chilling. When you factor in that he’s the original beast, at least that we know of, he becomes even scarier.

You may not encounter the White Wolf during your playthrough, but if you do, you’re going to want to act fast. There’s a reason why he’s so evasive and has been able to remain hidden for so long.

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