The PlayStation 5 launch price could be slashed if Sony makes this big change

Last week, we saw Dutch tech website, LetsGoDigital , unearth another patent that seems to be referring to the PS5 and its associated hardware.

The site reckons it uncovered a patent that hints at some " Sony PlayStation cartridge " tech that would suggest we’ll see removable SSDs that can be sold to customers to expand storage, or offer multiple storage solutions to players that buy a PS5.

Some industry pundits have speculated that this patent won’t be related to the PS5, but rather it will be a PlayStation Switch rival , but if this is tech related to Sony’s next home console, it could have big implications for the price of the machine.

"The design patent entitled "Configuration applied to / in data recording and storage equipment" was published on November 5, 2019. Remarkably, the Developers Kit of the Sony PlayStation 5 was patented by the same body."

So we have no doubts about the authenticity of this patent.

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To put it simply, what these removable SSDs could offer players is the opportunity to buy modular updates to the PS5, depending on how much space you’ll need on the console.

You'll effectively be able to buy these solid state drives (SSDs) to increase the amount of space available for games on your console on a whim.

In terms of pricing for the PS5 console, then, that means Sony could easily lower the price by including a smaller base harddrive for the machine.

It’s something the company has done before with the PS Vita. It could offer the handheld machine for a relatively low price and make money back on the (very expensive) memory cards it sold to go with it.

For reference, could fit about three games on the hardware before it was full. Sony’s proprietary memory cards were a must for the console, and some argue the high price of these cards is what ended up killing the machine before it could become popular.

Will Sony do the same thing with the PS5? It’s hard to tell.

This week, thanks to some removable SSDs on Microsoft’s Surface machines, we’ve seen gamers suggest the next Xbox could do the same thing – offer SSD ‘cards’ to expand the memory of the base machine.

We could see a whole new console arms race manifest between Microsoft and Sony, as each tech giant tries to offer expandable storage at a lower price than its rival.

Perhaps that’s why both companies are so insistent on perfecting streaming technology – with Sony pumping more resources into PS Now and Microsoft continually iterating on its xCloud technology.

It’s an interesting time in the console market, and we can expect it to get even more intense next year, with both consoles set to launch for Holiday 2020.

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