The Pedestrian Walks Over To PS4 And PS5 Later This Month

Intriguing puzzle-platformer The Pedestrian will be making its way to PlayStation systems later this month.

Launching on January 29, The Pedestrian has you controlling a little stick figure maneuvering its way through public signs as the world around it continues to hustle and bustle. You can even move objects around the level to reach your goal. Its unique graphical style helps the game stand out among a crowd of other, flashier indie puzzlers.

Gematsu reports that the game will also be coming to Xbox One, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, and the Nintendo Switch, but no release date for any of these versions has been given as of yet.

We reviewed the game’s PC version a year ago and called it an instant classic. We said that it takes a more breezy approach than most games of its genre as vibrant environments pop on the screen behind the stick figure. We found the soundtrack by Logan Hayes with its relaxing tones helped with the overall feel of the game. TheGamer ultimately gave it a 4.5 out of 5 stars, so if this PlayStation port is decent, we would totally recommend trying The Pedestrian out. It’s certainly worth crossing the road for.

The PlayStation version of The Pedestrian is confirmed to have the same trophies (achievements) as on Steam, and the developer Skookum Arts has teased that the PS5 has some cool features that tie into more detailed game progression. We’re guessing that they’ll be using the activities feature that has you snap straight into the game from a dashboard menu.

The PS5 has had a strong start with its indie game lineup so far. Bugsnax from Young Horses was a free PlayStation Plus title that brought a strange world with animated food creatures and Ape Escape-like gameplay. The mechanics are well thought out, and the writing is actually quite funny. We found out it’s also kind of a journalism simulator as you interview the subjects of Snaktooth Island.

The console also launched with The Pathless, which greeted players with a beautifully rendered world and some cool DualSense features. We don’t know if The Pedestrian will be using the DualSense at all with its PS5 port, but we certainly hope so.

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