The Legend Of Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom Limited Edition OLED Switch Seemingly Leaked

2023 is set to be a pretty big year for new games, largely down to the fact many of the big games that were meant to launch in 2022 were pushed back. One of the biggest arrivals of the next 12 months will be The Legend Of Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom, and it seems the highly anticipated sequel will be getting its very own OLED Switch to mark the occasion.

Even though the Breath Of The Wild sequel is still five months away, images of what seems to be an accompanying OLED Switch have leaked online and been shared via Reddit. The special edition console, which is yet to be announced by Nintendo let alone officially shown, has a white dock embossed with gold Zelda markings and matching gold Joy-Con with a green motif on the left one and white markings on the right.

The back of the Joy-Con are white with small gold markings on them, and the back of the dock is also white with a little bit more gold detailing. How exactly someone has managed to get their hands on the model, if it is indeed the real deal of course, so long before Tears Of The Kingdom launches is unknown. Whoever it is doesn't appear to have a copy of the upcoming game along with it as they're playing Pokemon Scarlet & Violet in the leaked images.

While this is by no means confirmation that Tears of the Kingdom will be getting its own OLED Switch, the images certainly look to be the real deal. Nintendo has launched a number of special edition consoles alongside notable releases too. Splatoon 3 was the last game to get the limited edition console treatment, launching alongside the latest game in the series earlier this year.

The wait for Tears of the Kingdom has been a long one, but evidence continues to mount that its May 2023 release date is very much locked in. Not only because photos of a potential console linked to the game have made it out into the wild, but also because it was rated in Korea and then by the ESRB this month. Further evidence that the game is basically ready to go.

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