The Legend Of Heroes: Trails From Zero – The Most Important Optional Conversations

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Trails from Zero follows in the footsteps of several other games in the Trails series by featuring a frankly jaw-dropping amount of optional dialogue text. Every time something noteworthy occurs in Crossbell, at least two-thirds of the city's populace, as well as folks living in outskirts towns, working at the hospital, and the like, all have something new to say. It's a lot.

Connoisseurs of lush RPG worldbuilding will fall in love with this standout Trails trait, but even among the most scholarly of sorts, there comes a time when it's all too much. We get that. So, here's a compromise. Find the ones that matter most. We'll guide your path.

Important Conversations In The Prologue

There's a cat on the SSS building's rooftop named Coppe. Well, you won't know its name at first, but you will in due time. In any case, this cat is a friend. A friend who will reward you every chapter of the game for giving it fish. You can only do this once per chapter, but the rewards are increasingly good. Be sure to kindly introduce yourself to Coppe now, and begin feeding him fish from Chapter One onward.

Other than Coppe, the prologue doesn't open up much. That's not to say there's nobody to speak with. There are tons of NPCs in Crossbell already. But this is a fresh start. You've only just begun your journey. Surely, you're not tired of chatting folks up yet, so interact with anybody and everybody you like, and know that nothing is truly important.

Important Conversations In Chapter One

Chapter One is split into two days. On the first day, we recommend meeting up with Imelda in her shop in the Back Alley, Grace at Crossbell News Service in the Harbor District, and Grimwood at his law firm on West Street.

For day two, you'll definitely want to visit the Bracer's Guild to get Lloyd's team more acquainted with Trails in the Sky's protagonists, Estelle and Joshua. Meanwhile, Harold is at the General Store on West Street, and his character will be further illuminated here.

Last but not least, while you're en route to Mainz Mining Town, follow the sign at the bus stop up to the eerie doll studio, where the SSS will meet Renne. This is a pretty big one.

Important Conversations In Chapter Two

Chapter Two also takes place over the course of two days. There's quite a bit more on the optional chatter menu now, so let's dive in.

At St. Ursula Medical Hospital there are three good scenes awaiting your limited-time arrival. Visit Shizuku in Room 304, hit up Harold near the entrance, and find Cecile in her room on the third floor. Return to Imelda and examine the dolls on display for some further Renne-related fare.

For bracer-related shenanigans, you'll find Estelle and Joshua in their new rental unit at the apartment complex on East Street. Arios is at the Bracer's Guild. Talk to Grimwood at his law office again to continue his development, and take a trip to the cathedral (from the city's north exit) to speak with Marble in the main hall's side wing.

That's it for day one. As for day two, make yet another trip to the hospital. Visit Shizuku, speak with the various nurses, and find Dr. Guenter in Room 301. In fact, maybe look for this guy on the regular. He won't show up often, but whenever he does, there's something to be said for learning a bit more about the guy. Trust us.

In Mainz Mining Town, Estelle and Joshua are at the General Store with Harold. The heroic duo's reason for visiting Crossbell is further alluded to, enriching the main plot revelation on the matter in Chapter Three.

Important Conversations In Chapter Three

By far the longest chapter of the game, Chapter Three contains a whopping five days. The first day starts and finishes automatically, so we'll start with day two.

You can find Dudley at the Department Store at Central Square. A little insight into the abrasive detective can go a long way later on. Grace is loitering around the Entertainment District. Curious… what is she up to? Cecile once again has noteworthy things to say.

Now for day three. Dudley and Arios are in the City Hall building at the Administrative District. Estelle and Joshua are at the doll studio now; this through line regarding Renne will continue to impress. Grace is now at the Harbor District, Wazy has a fresh perspective at Trinity, and that's it for relatively important stuff.

Day four's a cinch. In our findings, the only thing totally worth mentioning is, once again, Estelle and Joshua. This time, they're speaking with Shizuku in Room 304. Prepare for a touching scene that will remind Trails in the Sky diehards why Estelle is just the best.

For the fifth and final day, wouldn't you know it, those wily kids, Estelle and Joshua, once again have something new for you. Head to the cathedral and look just to the east of the main building here for a nice cheery chaser to yesterday's Shizuku speech.

Once you've arrived at Mishelam, specifically the mansion setting for Chapter Three's big event, we suggest talking to everyone you can. There is plenty of lore to be found here, as the elites and the bleaks of society gather in this den of inequity. How did Imelda get in here, anyway? The woman's a mystery, all right. Kilika in the banquet room has a lot to say.

Important Conversations In Chapter Four And The Final Chapter

From this point forward, the rules change — there are far fewer optional events in Chapter Four, and substantially fewer than that in the Final Chapter. This stands to reason, as things are pumping up to a big, splashy finale.

Our advice, then, is to check a few familiar haunts during Chapter Four. Room 304 at the hospital, Armorica Village, Trinity, the Bracer Guild, and IBC. At least once, you'll find something valuable here from favorites like Estelle and Joshua, Shizuku, and more.

As for the Final Chapter, you'll encounter Lechter in the library. Most pivotally, go to Guy's tombstone at the cathedral.

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