The Last Of Us Episode 1 Added To YouTube For Free

Millions of people have already watched The Last Of Us on HBO since its first episode debuted a little under two weeks ago. Keen to get even more people on the adaptation's bandwagon, HBO and Sky have now made the first episode of the show free to watch by making it available on YouTube.

Since The Last Of Us is an HBO show, viewers either need an HBO or HBO Max (Sky or NowTV in the UK) subscription in order to watch it. Well, in an attempt to get even more people watching, and in turn up subscriber numbers, episode one of the show can now be watched in full on YouTube. Should first-time viewers love it as much as its creators expect them to, then the bet is they'll pay to keep up, as it's highly unlikely the showrunners are going to continue to be this charitable and post the whole series for free.

That's only one additional episode for now since The Last Of Us show is only two episodes old. If you will be taking HBO up on its offer and watching it for the first time on YouTube, be warned, there are some mild spoilers regarding what unfolds in the first two episodes should you keep reading beyond the video below.

While the first two episodes have remained incredibly faithful to the opening few hours of the original game, there have been some big changes that have been widely praised by players. Most notably the additional backstory explaining how exactly the outbreak began and escalated so quickly. If you thought contaminated flour was to blame after watching episode one, well done as that theory was confirmed to be correct in episode two.

Episode three will air on Sunday night and introduce Bill and Frank to the show, characters players of the first game will be very familiar with. As for the future of The Last Of Us, Naughty Dog's Neil Druckmann confirmed this week that work on Part 3 is not underway and that a third game will only happen if the team can come up with a story meaningful enough that they want to run with it.

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