The Kingdom Hearts Tamagotchi Has Sora Turn Into A Heartless When He Dies

Kingdom Hearts Tamagotchis have started being shipped out and they have some fun little details for fans of the series, including the fact that Sora will turn into a Heartless if you don't feed him.

We all remember having a Tamagotchi, right? Watching it hatch, feeding it food, cleaning up its poop, and then inevitably forgetting about it altogether and coming back to it being dead. Ah, the good times. Well, for whatever reason, Square Enix decided that Tamagotchi was the perfect choice to celebrate Kingdom Hearts' 20th anniversary, creating a special version that features Sora instead of the titular creature.

Now that the Kingdom Hearts Tamagotchi have started shipping and getting into the hands of fans, we can see for ourselves how unique it is. As shown off by Twitter user aitaikimochi, although you do feed Sora (a choice of either a Paopu Fruit or sea salt ice cream) and watch him grow, he works a little differently from a normal Tamagotchi. Instead of cleaning up his poop, you instead have to periodically fight off and attack Heartless to keep him safe.

Just because Sora doesn't poop doesn't mean that he can't die, however. If you don't feed him and let him get attacked by Heartless too many times then Sora will turn into a Heartless himself and then "fade away". After that, the Kingdom Hearts logo will pop up and you'll have to restart.

Being surprisingly faithful to the canon aside, another unique element of this Tamagotchi is that characters from Kingdom Hearts will randomly pop up from time to time. One example that aitaikimochi showed is Organisation 13 popping up in their high chairs, while another had Merlin showing up to drink tea.

The official store listing for the Kingdom Hearts Tamagotchi shows a bunch of other characters like Kairi, Donald, Goofy, and more, as well as various different form changes for Sora. It's not clear exactly how to trigger any of these just yet, but the Tamagotchi is certainly stuffed with references.

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