The House Of The Dead: Remake Finally Revealed, Headed To Switch

Given a mostly silent reveal during today’s Nintendo Indie World Showcase, Forever Entertainment (which recently remade Sega’s Panzer Dragoon) has announced that its House of the Dead remake is 100% real and will be coming to the Nintendo Switch soon. Announced roughly two years ago as being in development, we now finally have an idea of what this remake will look and sound like.

Titled simply “The House of the Dead: Remake,” the overhaul pretty much follows the same style that Forever Entertainment used with Panzer Dragoon. The cutscenes, animations, and audio are basically ripped from the arcade version while the visuals have been upgraded to modern standards. It’s not the most lavish remake, but then it doesn’t need to be. House of the Dead still looks amazing.

Originally released in 1997, The House of the Dead would go on to revolutionize lightgun games for the remainder of the arcade generation. Combining a dark, moody aesthetic with some outlandish enemy designs, the series quickly became a fan favorite and would continue seeing installments until just a few years ago. Sega doesn’t seem to acknowledge the series much anymore, but at least Forever Entertainment is remaking the first game for a new audience.

Currently, the remake is only scheduled for the Switch and will likely include some kind of motion controls. If this follows suit with Panzer Dragoon, we can expect ports to other platforms over the next year or so. That’s perfectly fine as I’m still waiting for those Sinden lightguns to release for PC. With those, this remake is going to be amazing.

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