The Great Nacho Wars Lead To A Galactic Migration In Lilith Odyssey

Developer Chaystar Unlimited recently announced the Steam store entry of its open-world galactic adventure game Lilith Odyssey. After four years in development, the migration and survival strategy game is prepped counting down to its Early Access launch in May 2021.

Once Lilith Odyssey embarks upon its Early Access journey, you’ll be able to experience its complete gameplay, according to the Steam page notes. The Early Access version will include “space navigation, exploration of more than 1000 unique planets/moons/asteroids, survival strategy, technology upgrades, spaceship enhancements, personal economy management, lore and history of various galactic cultures, and an original radio-style sound track.” The two-person Chaystar Unlimited indie dev team (based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) also note that they expect the game’s Early Access period to last about a year, but that “our full release timeframe largely depends on the magnitude of changes requested by the community.”

With strong inspiration taken from the classic Oregon Trail, and the more recent No Man’s Sky, Lilith Odyssey aims to bring elements of those games two together to create an immersive and engaging survival trek across the Mugalo Galaxy. As the story goes, a nefarious government is greedily leeching the life from the planets and people it controls in the wake of The Great Nacho Wars. You’ll select a family to help escape their plight, and guide them across the galaxy to a new and hopefully better home on the planet Lilith.

The Spu family you choose will not be practiced space adventurers, and your starting items will not be the most well-tested space gear available, including your starter space sailer. But during your journey, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to increase your Spu family’s chances for survival by researching new tech, defenses, and weapons, and by visiting “various space businesses and star malls” to trade for or purchase what you need. Your survival also relies on charting a safe course through the galaxy along the solar highways, and carefully selecting which of the “more than 1000 possible planets, moons and asteroids” to beam to when you need to gather supplies, or just want to do a bit of exploring.

According to the press release, Chaystar Unlimited hopes to bring you a unique and quirky take on the space adventure genre with Lilith Odyssey. Your in-game leadership skills and choices will of course define the adventure, and the devs’ “hope is that the adventure captures the grand scale of long-distance space navigation and draws players into the civilization of a strange galaxy that comes with its own lingo, history and an in-game radio of original “pop hits” and ads.”

You can read more about Lilith Odyssey on the game’s brand new Steam page (including the rather humorous yet also very practical method for warding off the effects of Space Madness), as well as on the game’s Twitter, Discord, Reddit, and Wiki channels.

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