The Game Awards Returns December 8 With New "Best Adaptation’ Category

The Game Awards will have a brand-new award category when it returns this December. The "Best Adaptation" award will "will celebrate shows, movies, books, podcasts, comics + more that authentically adapt the source material."

"The Best Adaptation Award is a way for the gaming industry and its fans to tip its hat to creative work that authentically adapts and often adds lore and context to our favorite gaming franchises," said The Game Awards host, creator, and executive producer Geoff Keighley. "With so many game-inspired projects across entertainment, the time is right to honor excellence in adapting video game worlds to other mediums."

While fans are likely thinking to the myriad video game movies that have come out in recent years, the award will also consider other forms of media beyond films. The category could award music videos such as the one made from the League of Legends collaboration with Porter Robinson, or we could see HBO's The Last Of Us live-action adaptation see award-worthy recognition.

Last year's The Game Awards saw appearances from multiple celebrities, including Ben Schwartz and Jim Carrey of Sonic 2 fame. This new category certainly seems to imply that The Game Awards will continue to see celebrity presenters as it branches out beyond just gaming.

The Game Awards return on December 8 at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles. Co-host Kimmie Kim will join Keighley in announcing this year's winners as well as musical performance by the Game Awards Orchestra conducted by Lorne Balfe. It'll also be broadcast live online and in IMAX theaters.

This week, Gamescom kicks off on Thursday with Opening Night Live. We can expect a packed presentation of game announcements, but don't exepct to see Starfield. Bethesda recently removed all mention of their coming sci-fi epic, which is due out sometime in early 2023.

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