The Funniest Ways To Die In Skyrim

Skyrim has stood the test of time and remains one of the most popular games of all time, even a decade after its release. While there are some hard quests every now and then, the game’s difficulty can be tuned to the player's needs.

Just when you think you’ve seen it all in Skyrim, something new happens that completely changes everything you thought you knew about the game. This often happens in many ways, but usually through a death, You’ll find a way to die in the most ridiculous fashion that leaves you scratching your head wondering how that happened. These are the funniest ways to die in Skyrim.

10 Falling From A High Place

It’s happened to everyone at least once. You’re not paying any attention for whatever reason and, next thing you know, you’re flying off a cliff at high speed. You watch as your character ragdolls their way to the ground and hope you make it out alive, but unless you’ve eaten some Netch Jelly, you don’t.

Getting into an unexpected fight with a frost troll or sabre cat could very well end with you toppling down a mountain, so it’s a good idea to make sure you’re aware of your surroundings at all times.

9 Unrelenting Force

There are many powerful shouts in Skyrim and Unrelenting Force has to be the most powerful of the bunch. The classic fus ro dah enables you to essentially send enemies flying with your voice.

The masters of the voice are the Greybeards who live up in High Hrothgar near the Throat of the World. Sometimes, in the courtyard, you can find yourself in the wrong place at the wrong time and get hit by one of their shouts. This could just knock you back a little, but other times, it can straight up send you flying into another dimension. Be careful around those Greybeards.

8 An Unlucky Ambush

Getting ambushed is the worst, but it’s actually laughable how bad things can get sometimes. Have you ever had so many unfortunate things happen at once and got overwhelmed? We’ve all been there.

Maybe you get attacked by assassins, a sabre cat, and a dragon all at once. In this situation, there’s likely nothing you can do but stand there and accept death. Unless your difficulty is set to apprentice or lower, it’s very unlikely for you to come away from all that unscathed. But hey, you’re the Dragonborn, so maybe you can find a way.

7 A Giant’s Club

Giants are some of the most mysterious creatures in Skyrim, and we still have a lot of unanswered questions about these gargantuan creatures. One of those questions has to do with the clubs they’re carrying around and how these weapons seem to have magical powers.

Getting hit by a giant’s club can send you flying into outer space. Seriously, the game hits the loading screen before you even land. Who needs SpaceX and Blue Origin when all you need is to get smacked by a giant to go to space?

6 Eating Poisonous Ingredients

Alchemy is an often forgotten skill in Skyrim with many players avoiding it entirely. While its usefulness is up for debate, it’s an easy skill to level up in the early game just by eating ingredients.

Every ingredient in Skyrim has some kind of effect with some of them actually having a negative effect. In fact, if you’re low on health and start munching away on unknown ingredients to try and stay alive, you could actually end up taking your own life accidentally. Many players have died from eating poisonous ingredients over the years.

5 Descending A Mountain

Skyrim is a very mountainous province and, just like in real life, mountain climbing can be a dangerous endeavor. Going up mountains is quite easy, considering the horses in Skyrim have the climbing abilities of an ibex, but going down mountains is an entirely different story.

You make one bad move while you’re descending a mountain, and it’s game over. Thankfully, you have fast travel that could prevent you from having to deal with these treacherous mountains. They’re the cause of most of the deaths in Skyrim.

4 A Falling Dragon

The dragons of Skyrim are no joke, especially the named ones. These dragons are a bit of a pain to deal with as they usually attack at the worst possible times, like in a city full of civilians. To get the jump on one of them, you may want to attack them in the air with your arrows, but just be careful where the dragon lands.

If the dragon lands on top of you, it could actually kill you. It’s such a rare occurrence, but players have died by having a dragon land on them before. Don’t become a statistic like them and make sure to get out of the way of a falling dragon.

3 Blackreach Explosions

Blackreach is one of the most dangerous places in all of Skyrim. The ancient Dwemer city is crawling with chaurus, Dwemer animunculi, Falmer, and even a dragon. But there’s something else entirely that has been getting a few players killed.

There’s a bug in the Blackreach area where a crossbow will fire a bolt right at you once you leave Sinderion’s Field Lab, taking you out in one hit every time. Hopefully, you have a previous save you can reload because this glitch could completely ruin your file. Be careful down in Blackreach.

2 Glitched Physics

No physics engine in any game is perfect and that rule also applies to Skyrim. When a game allows you to interact with objects as freely as Skyrim does, bugs are bound to occur every now and then.

Sometimes, the game glitches out and thinks an object is moving at a fast enough speed to kill you in one hit. This has caused players to have gotten killed by stepping on random objects around the map. Something as small as a cabbage or a wheelbarrow can rarely cause instant death when walked over. Skyrim is a dangerous place.

1 Falling Through The Floor

While patches and mods have turned Skyrim into a very playable game, it had its fair share of bugs early on. After all, it is a Bethesda game, so a few bugs and glitches are to be expected.

Falling through the floor is a glitch as old as time and one we see in many games. It’s no different in Skyrim. The floor disappears from under you, and you just fall through it until the loading screen pops up. Your latest save is reloaded and there’s nothing you can do but laugh.

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