The Elder Scrolls Online Upcoming Endeavors System Will Let You Earn Crown Crate Items

When Update 30 arrives in June, The Elder Scrolls Online will be giving you a way to earn premium Crown Crate items through in-game actions. Dubbed Endeavors, these daily and weekly challenges will reward you with Seals of Endeavor – which can then be swapped for any of the currently available Crown Crate items.

The number of Endeavors you can complete each day or week will vary, and the sorts of tasks you’ll be carrying out will constantly be changing. Once the update goes live in June, you’ll see a list of currently available Endeavors. Complete them, and you’ll be rewarded with Gold, Experience, and Seals of Endeavor.

Zenimax Online Studios provided a shortlist of tasks you can expect to see in the Endeavors system:

  • Steal or pickpocket items
  • Complete quests
  • Defeat enemies using Class or Weapon abilities
  • Sell items to vendors
  • Craft different types of items
  • Defeat different types of monsters
  • Harvest resource nodes

“With the new Seals currency, you can acquire any of the currently available Crown Crate items,” ZOS announced. “This includes any of the crate’s consumables (such as potions or XP scrolls), pets, cosmetics, or even its extremely rare Radiant Apex mounts. For the first time in The Elder Scrolls Online, you can acquire these highly sought-after items via gameplay in addition to finding them within crates. Note that any Crown Crate items you acquire with Seals cannot be converted into gems.”

The value for each Crown Crate item will vary, so you might need to save up your Seals of Endeavor if you’re hoping to purchase some of the most valuable items available. The team notes that there is no cap to the number of Seals you can acquire, and you can hold onto them indefinitely if nothing in the current Crate is of interest to you.

Endeavors are expected to arrive in the middle of June – right around the time Blackwood launches.

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