The Dawning Returns To Destiny 2 Next Week With New Armor Ornaments, Sparrows, And More

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Yes, the time when Guardians all around the Tower start handing out personally baked cookies in order to grow their material wealth in the form of masterwork materials, engrams, and a chance at a brand new Legendary Fusion Rifle.

I of course refer to The Dawning, Destiny 2’s annual holiday celebration. The latest trailer from Bungie shows that Eva will once again return to ring in the new year with her characteristic space grandma charm, and she’ll be doing it from a new central location in the Tower.

And it looks like she’s bringing her cookie oven with her. It’s possible that’s just a cosmetic thing that hasn’t changed from last year, but there’s a strong chance that Guardians will once again bake cookies and hand them out to NPCs in return for some sort of event-specific currency.

The trailer doesn’t go into detail on exactly how the event will go this year, but it does showcase the possible rewards. First, there are two new ghosts that appear on the splash screen: one with an elf-like hat, and one that sort of looks like a glowing North Star. A new snowshoe emote will make it look like your Guardian is stomping around through a foot of snow, while a new ship will let you dock in the hangar in true holiday fashion.

Two brand new sparrows appear to come in similar flavors to last year’s offerings, with one looking like a futuristic sleigh while the other is a sci-fi Ski-Doo. Both look wicked cool, and the trailer makes it seem like players might even be able to do sweet tricks with them too.

As with every Dawning event, this year brings a new Dawning ornament set for each of Destiny 2’s three classes. And there’s a new weapon to grind for called Glacioclasm, a Legendary Fusion Rifle that comes with some interesting perks and a very distinctive look.

Destiny 2’s Dawning event is free to all players and runs from December 15 to January 5.

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