The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil In Me – Morellos Scene Walkthrough

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  • Searching The Hotel
  • Investigating The Crying

Isolated from her crewmates at this point in The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me, Kate is on a mission to reunite. Du’Met sent Mark down a trap door and sealed Jamie behind moving walls, leaving each to find their way back together.

As Kate ventures through the “Murder Castle” recreation in this scene, there are plenty of collectible secrets she can grab. With a picture to find, hints toward what’s coming later for the group, and secrets that abound, follow along with our guide to the Morellos scene from The Devil in Me.

The Devil in Me is a game centered around the choices you make as the player and how they impact the survival of the characters – it’s what The Dark Pictures Anthology does best.

There are a ton of small details in every corner of this game that help to tell the story. We’ve played through The Devil in Me several times to find all the pertinent stuff for you in each scene.

Searching The Hotel

If she’s still alive in your playthrough, Erin will be with Kate here. You control Kate in this scene either way, and things play out the same with or without Erin.

When you assume control of Kate, the halls are a maze, and the walls have moved.

There’s only one way to progress, so follow the twisting path until you come to the moving wall that can’t quite close.

Complete a QTE to get through the gap, which closes behind you. As soon as you’re through, go examine the last door on the right in this hallway to find the source of the crying you’ve begun to hear.

Go through the door at the end of the hallway, to the left of the woman crying, to continue.

Investigating The Crying

There are some spooky world-building things to check out in here, like the dog bowl, the doll on the dresser, and the drawing on the floor. When you’re ready, investigate the door with the digital lock.

To find the code, return to the small end table between the mirror and armchair in the corner of the first part of the room.

When you interact with the notepad detailing someone’s schedule, use Kate’s pencil on the torn-off portion at the bottom of the page to reveal the code: 1999.

Collectible Secrets And Pictures

However, before you progress into the spare room, there are two collectible secrets in the first part of the suite. It’s easy to accidentally end the scene up ahead without meaning to, so it's easiest to just grab these two secrets before opening the door if you’re collecting secrets this playthrough.

J. Morello Sherman Book Beneath the window in the first room
Body Snatching Article In the vanity mirror in the second room

When you’re ready to progress, enter the code (1999) into the pin pad in the second room.

Before going to check on the woman, there’s a premonition picture, Dragged, hanging on the wall immediately to your left when you enter the room.

Investigate the mattress to check on the crying woman behind it and end the scene.

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