The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil In Me – How To Get The Ultimatum Ending

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While the everyone-lives and everyone-dies endings have become fairly standard practice for games in The Dark Pictures Anthology, when it comes to The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me, you have a bonus choice you can make for how the story ends.

However, don’t expect to just stumble into this ending – it’s going to take quite a lot of work on your part. The decisions you need to make to segue in this ending instead of one of the others begin fairly early in the game, but the storytelling when you achieve it is nothing short of fascinating.

The alternate ending for The Devil in Me cannot be explained without giving away massive plot spoilers and ruining twists, as several characters need to die before it can happen, so proceed at your own risk!


The Blackout scene sees you controlling Erin as she’s locked in a dark room, the one with the Holmes dummy tied up ominously in the corner. As the rest of the crew tries to find a way to help her out of the room, a man appears inside with her. Erin is in the thick of an asthma attack, and this man extends his hand to offer her the inhaler she’s left behind.

In order to get the Ultimatum Ending for The Devil in Me, you need to have Erin attack the man and then fail the QTEs to get her killed. This is the ending prophesied for her in the Stabbed picture, but she needs to meet this fate in order to get you to the Ultimatum Ending.


In this scene, Ignition, you resume control over Charlie again just after he’s fallen through a trap door and into a basement. There’s a furnace up ahead that holds the promise of what he’s been craving all night: cigarettes.

Guide Charlie into the furnace and have him take the things he’s being offered. This will kick up a raging inferno that threatens to burn him to death. If you’ve found the Burnt picture as Charlie in the scene Cigarettes, then you know how to save him here.

But to usher in the Ultimatum Ending, though, Charlie has to die in Ignition. To make this happen, you can either try to force the door open or instruct him to do nothing. If he doesn’t find a way to hide, the flames consume him and burn him to death. Tragic, but it’s what you want for the Ultimatum Ending.


If you’ve already played through The Devil in Me, then the Reflection scene will probably stick out in your mind. It’s the one that sees Kate and Jamie having been cornered into the glass trap, wherein they must choose which of them will be squished by a plate-glass wall.

Your goal for the Ultimatum Ending is to keep Kate alive, which can be achieved in a number of ways in this scene. It all boils down to which of the women have the screwdriver. If you send the glass toward whoever has the screwdriver, they’re capable of using it to break the glass wall and survive.

You’ll need to do away with Jamie in a little bit, but you still need her for now. For this scene, send the glass wall toward whoever has the screwdriver. Both Kate and Jamie need to live in this scene, so choose who has the tool and send the wall toward her so she can break it and proceed.


It was awfully kind of us to spare Jamie from the glass trap a little while ago, but with the Ultimatum Ending having to do only with Kate and Mark, Jamie’s got to go before we get to the scene where you segue into this different ending.

When you’re running around trying to flee, Jamie will be captured by Du’Met. Although we needed her alive a little while ago, now’s the time we have to let her go. As Kate, choose to flee instead of saving Jamie. Du’Met will kill her as Kate runs to safety.

The Ultimatum Ending

Once you’ve got the above prerequisites completed, you’re officially on track to getting the Ultimatum Ending. Kate and Mark are the only two characters able to experience it, we’ve found, so everyone else has to have died before you get to the scene wherein you experience the ending: Lighthouse.

The operative character you need to keep alive to experience this ending is Mark, but Kate is also a requirement to get the ball rolling. When you take control of Kate and are given the choice to help Mark or continue investigating, choose to help Mark.

Some time after this decision, you assume control of Mark, who’s trapped inside a chamber with a telephone, looking at Kate hooked up to a hydrochloric acid drip that’ll certainly kill her if Mark doesn’t intervene. Du’Met plays a video for Mark and tells him that, in order to save Kate, all he has to do is make a phone call. Accept the offer.

Within this ending are two of the more difficult achievements to earn for this game, both “The Cycle Continues” and “Award-Worthy.” We have a full guide to trophies in The Devil in Me if you’d like more specifics, but getting Kate and Mark to this ending is your first step in the process.

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