The Callisto Protocol looks especially gory in Schofield Cut trailer

Those with a love for extreme gore will be pleased to know that they can pre-order The Callisto Protocol now and it’s already getting DLC.

It feels like there were a lot of sci-fi horror games at last night’s Summer Game Fest showcase. Aliens: Dark Descent, Fort Solis, and Routine were all announced in quick succession and the last two specifically mentioned Dead Space as an inspiration.

And then there’s The Callisto Protocol, which is purposefully intended as a spiritual sequel, by original Dead Space co-creator Glen Schofield.

It already featured as part of Sony’s last State of Play and an extended version of the trailer (dubbed the Schofield Cut) was shown during Summer Game Fest.

We already knew the game would be pretty gruesome with its horrific monster designs, but the new footage demonstrates just how brutal things can get for both the monsters and protagonist Jacob Lee.

Lee can cave in skulls with a good whack, throw monsters into giant fans with a gravity gun, and shoot or hack off individual limbs (something carried over from Dead Space).

That last one won’t always stop them though, as even without legs they can crawl after you surprisingly quickly.

Lee can be subjected to some nasty deaths himself that are so brutal, they almost make Mortal Kombat’s fatalities look tame. Enemies can bite down on his head and rip his face off and, if he’s not careful, he can be killed by the environment.

One example is a spinning turbine which, if he’s knocked into, gradually drags him in arm first and grinds him up like a blender. It’s safe to say that the especially queasy will want to give The Callisto Protocol a pass.

The game is scheduled to release this year, on December 2, and pre-orders are now up for its day one edition and digital deluxe edition. Both come with an extra character skin, two weapon skins, and a Contraband pack (that last one’s only for PlayStation, though).

The digital deluxe edition also includes access to a season pass and story DLC, according to the official website. PlayStation owners can get early access to said story DLC, but there’s no hint of when that DLC will release or what it involves.

There’ll be a collector’s edition too, that comes with even more extras, like a statue, but pre-orders for that aren’t available yet.

The Callisto Protocol launches on December 2 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, and PC.

*** WARNING: the trailer below is extremely gory ***

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