The Callisto Protocol: 8 Upgrades You Should Get First

Jacob is in a tough spot throughout The Callisto Protocol, as he's trapped in a prison filled with monsters. And he enters that situation with no equipment. The pilot has to scavenge for useful weapons and items. He does locate some things that can help him during his adventures. Yet, overall, he has a pretty rudimentary set of gear.

Thankfully, you get introduced to the Reforge machine fairly early into the game. This fancy piece of tech allows you to buy various upgrades for your tools using Callisto Credits. The first one you get will be the hand cannon. From there, it's up to you, but the following ones would be good picks.

Increased Velocity Alloy Sheath (Stun Baton)

The baton will probably be the weapon you use the most throughout the game, as close-quarters fights are more common than ranged ones. Therefore, you want to make sure the tool is as effective as possible.

The Increased Velocity Alloy Sheath upgrade helps improve the weapon by making it more lightweight. In practical terms, it means your melee combo can last longer, so you can land more blows. As much of the combat revolves around dealing out melee combos to enemies, this is a nice boost to have.

Energy Upgrade – Small (GRP)

You pick up the GRP glove a few hours into the game, and its benefits immediately become clear. After all, throwing creatures into hazards or lobbing explosives at the monsters is fun to do and also very effective. But, initially, your glove doesn't come with a lot of energy.

Therefore, you find yourself not being able to use the glove often, as it's always recharging. Thankfully, the Energy Upgrade increases the maximum amount of power you can carry. So you will be able to use the GRP more frequently without running out of power.

Block Break (Stun Baton)

Unfortunately for the protagonist, the enemies in the game aren't completely devoid of intelligence. They may seem braindead much of the time, but they have a few basic instincts in combat. One such instinct sees them attempt to block some of your attacks. They do this by covering their heads with their forearms.

For any ordinary person, it would be a painful way to block a hit. Yet, these beasts can't seem to feel pain. So, it's actually a useful move for them, as it stops you in your tracks. However, Block Break makes their forearm defensive a lot less effective. This is because the upgrade enables you to break their arm when they block, leaving them vulnerable.

GRP Recharge Speed Upgrade – Small (GRP)

The GRP's ability to recharge is very useful, as it means you don't need to have as many batteries clogging up your small inventory. Unfortunately, though, the recharge speed is pretty slow at the start. So, it can take a while before you're able to grab things again.

As you tell from the name of this upgrade, it helps with this issue by quickening up the recharge speed a bit. It doesn't make it super fast, but it's a nice start. Once you get further into the game, it might be wise to invest in the medium and max versions of the upgrade.

Stability Upgrade (B1-55 Pistol)

The B1-55 Pistol is the first gun you get in the game, and the Stability Upgrade is the first improvement you can get for it. It reduces the recoil on the gun to make it easier and more stable to fire. As a result, your accuracy improves, and you're more likely to hit specific parts of the enemy.

The upgrade is decent in its own right, but there's also another reason to get it early. Unlocking the improved stability gives you access to better upgrades for the B1-55 Pistol.

Riot Control Swing (Stun Baton)

By default, you can only have one type of attack with the baton. In fairness, Jacob has a decent swing on him, as it deals a nice amount of damage, especially when you unleash a few in the row. The Riot Control Swing upgrade gives you an extra option in combat as it adds a heavy attack to your repertoire.

In classic heavy attack fashion, it's slower than the standard strike but deals more damage. Plus, it knocks enemies away from you, meaning it's pretty good for crowd control. Not every one of your strikes should be a riot control one, but it is smart to occasionally unleash one.

Damage Upgrade Level One (Stun Baton)

This upgrade is very self-explanatory. It increases the damage of your stun baton, making your melee weapon a deadlier piece of equipment and allowing you to kill enemies quicker.

As it is the weapon you will likely use the most throughout your adventure, it's smart to boost its effectiveness as soon as possible. Unfortunately, you can't acquire the upgrade from the start since you need to unlock the Riot Control Swing first. But when it becomes available, you should get it immediately, and you shouldn't wait too long for the level two version, either.

Magnum Rounds Damage Upgrade (B1-55 Pistol)

While you spend much of the game in melee combat, guns are useful, too. You can use them to eliminate limbs from creatures and get some shots on ranged enemies. Plus, with the quick-shot mechanic, you can even fire out the odd bullet during a close-quarters fight.

Therefore, it's good to make sure your firearms are also as effective as possible. This is why you should grab the Magnum Rounds Damage Upgrade early to make your B1-55 Pistol a bit better.

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