The Big Question: What Is The Least Hateable Pokemon?

Everyone’s got their favourite Pokemon, but which one do you think is the least hateable? Not the most lovable, mind you, that’s an entirely different kettle of Magikarp. Which ‘mon do you look at and think, “Yeah, that’s fine. Nowt wrong with it”? That’s the question TheGamer’s editors are going to answer today.


Stacey Henley, Editor-in-Chief

I’m going to go first and I’m going to make a prediction which will likely make you think I consider my staff to be idiots, but mumble-mumble-mumble. Guess I trailed off there, huh? Anyway, I predict most people will misinterpret ‘least hateable’ as ‘most liked’ which is wrong. Least hateable means so boring that nobody in the world could possibly have any feelings for it, positive or negative. Hence why I’m going for Ledian. When was the last time you heard anybody talk about Ledian?


David W. Duffy, Evergreen Editor

For me, it has to be Sudowoodo. It’s a tree, and there’s no way people could hate trees — right? Rarely will you see a Sudowoodo with anything but a smile on its face, and it’s pretty inoffensive in every way. All it seems to want is to be left alone to bask in the sunlight, and maybe dance a little.

Plus, it reminds me of those toy figures you’d get as a kid that had balls of slime for hands, and you could throw at walls and stuff. Only teachers hated those.


Ben Sledge, Features Editor

I think Reddit made some good shouts on this one. Wooper is adorable. Who can hate Spheal? But I’m not going to let the groupthink get in my head, I’m capable of independent thought. I think the answer could be Mew, but that might fall into the ‘most liked’ category that Stacey talked about, so I’m going for a newer Pokemon. Wooloo, I choose you.

Wooloo is a lil' ball of fluff that rolls around in Galar, and I can’t find a single reason to hate it. It’s not as common as Rattata or Sentret in early routes to the extent that it’s annoying. Its evolution is mid, meaning that it’s unlikely you’ve got bad memories about facing it in a competitive setting. It’s not broken, it’s not boring, it’s not a Bug-type, it doesn’t block you from progressing through Goldenrod City. It’s even got a good, and clever, shiny. It’s perfect. Wooloo is the least hateable Pokemon.


Helen Ashcroft, Evergreen Editor

I’m going with Squirtle. The Water-type Gen 1 starter has everything you could want in a non-hateable Pokemon. It’s cute but not overly so, it’s usable in a variety of teams, it evokes nostalgia, and is even memeable. However, it rarely dominates, instead being solid and predictable, not too bad, yet not amazing.

Squirtle is often overshadowed by its fellow starter Charmander, a bolder and brasher option, yet it’s still a completely viable Pokemon, with many arguing that it’s a top starter choice. Squirtle is always there, being reliable, solid and firmly, well Squirtle. Whatever Pokemon title you pick up the chances are you can find Squirtle in it to welcome like an old friend.


Joe Parlock, TCG Specialist

Unfortunately, any answer that isn’t a first generation pokemon is immediately wrong. We sadly live in a world where genwunners exist, so anything past the original 151 will be hated by default. Which leads me to argue that the least hateable pokemon is Shellder.

It’s cute, with its little pokey-out tongue and hidden face, but it isn’t in the top-tier of cuteness like Pikachu or Growlithe that would make edgelords hate it just to be contrarian. Nobody thinks bad about Shellder, because nobody thinks about Shellder full stop. It isn’t particularly important competitively, but it also isn’t shockingly bad to make those weird people who judge pokemon based on anything more than the vibe dislike it. Shellder is endearing without being obnoxious, while also forgettable without being dull.


Meg Pelliccio, Lead Guides Editor

Bidoof. I used to hate it, it’s just a boring beaver after all. But then that damn Bidoof’s Big Stand animated short was made and now you can’t really say you hate it unless you want to announce to the world you are a terrible person with no heart. Bidoof is still a basic Pokemon that isn’t exciting in any way whatsoever and it will never make it into my Pokemon team, but you just can’t hate it after watching that short.


Rhiannon Bevan, News Editor

I just saw that our boss called us idiots in her entry, so allow me to prove her wrong. I’m not picking the ‘mon I love the most as the least hateable one out there – I’m picking the one I love the second-most. Ha, take that, Stacey. Anyway, I do not understand how anyone hates Sobble. It’s a crying lizard baby. Your heart is made of coal if you have anything nasty to say about this adorable, depressed Water-type. In any gen that wasn’t overshadowed by dexit, I think Sobble would have been a fan favourite. I must protect it. And I happily will from anyone who dares come after my boy.


Gabrielle Huston, Specialist

Not to jump on the back of Meg’s entry too hard, but it has to be Bidoof. Pokemon Pearl was my very first Pokemon game, and I thought to myself, ‘Why have so many boring Pokemon at the start?’ I’m not even sure I ever caught a Bidoof. But then there was that damn Bidoof’s Big Stand short. I cried actual tears. My boyfriend looked over at me as we watched it over dinner one night, just having come across it on YouTube, and was stunned to find me sobbing into my pasta. Just give that Bidoof a high-five, damnit…


Joshua Robertson, News Editor

I’m going for Cubone, not for its cuteness or battle prowess, but mainly because its backstory is so utterly tragic that surely it’s impossible for anyone to actually hate it. It walks around with the skull of its mother on its head and is referred to as the “Lonely Pokemon” in the Pokedex. If your reaction when you see Cubone is to hate the poor thing even after all it’s been through, then you are a monster. Give the little guy a break for once.


Issy van der Velde, News & Evergreen Editor

I'm certain of my answer because I couldn't even remember this Pokemon's name: Croagunk. Look at it, it's literally just some guy. It's an everyman, Joe average – sorry Joe, you're great, actually. He's sort of a frog Pokemon, and we know Ben loves them – maybe a little too much – and even he didn't mention it. It's so inoffensive I don't see how anyone could actively dislike it. Its rarity works in its favour here. Introduced in a generation before Poison-types were actually useful, its Fighting-type is redundant because everyone chooses Infernape anyway, so even if you do find it in the Great Marsh you're unlikely to ever put it on your team. Seriously, look at it, it's just standing there. Not a thought in its entire body. Unhateable.

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