The Best Video Game Story of 2019

One of the amazing things about games is how many different ways they can tell a story, and the wide variety but consistent quality of the tales told in this list is great evidence of that.

Best Video Game Story of 2019: Control

For how weird of a game Control is, Remedy does a fantastic job of making its core story — that of Jesse Faden’s search for her brother in the mysterious Oldest House — easy to follow but consistently fascinating. But Control’s story doesn’t stop at its core plot.LoadingIn the margins of its world, via smartly written collectibles, audiotapes, environmental cues, and character interactions, Control creates a much larger, engrossing narrative of this odd government branch and the many lives affected by its work. Remedy has created an entire world of interesting stories, anchored by Jesse’s personal plight, plenty of great performances and a weird world that has some impressive weight to it.Loading

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These are our nominees for the game with the best story of 2019.

Best Story Nominees