The Amouranth Fart Jars Are Apparently Pretty Hit Or Miss

Amouranth has had a pretty eventful couple of months, ensuring she remains one of the most talked-about people in the streaming sphere. From buying gas stations to the whole hot tub Twitch saga, the streamer certainly knows how to diversify, ensuring she rakes in revenue through multiple different ventures. And yes, it wasn't a fever dream, one of those revenue streams really does include money made via the sale of jarred farts.

Earlier this year, Amouranth revealed Cutie Pa-TOOT-ies. Jars containing nothing more than a certified streamer fart as well as a single strand of Amouranth's hair. The perfect memento, or perhaps even gift, for the Amouranth fan in your life. The only problem for most people might be the price. Just shy of $1000. And you thought the gas you've been filling your cars with had gotten pricey.

If you're going to cough up that much money for a fart in a jar, then you're going to want to check out a couple of reviews first. That's where YouTubers penguinz0 and Mizkif come in. The two of them each gathered some friends in order to sample a couple of Cutie Pa-TOOT-ie fart jars to determine whether they're really worth the lofty retail price of $999.99. Turns out not every jar is a winner, as penguinz0 demonstrates in the video below.

The YouTubers crack open a fresh jar of Amouranth gas and they smell, well, nothing. They clarify that the jar just smells like a normal jar, whatever that smells like. The hot tub water, another Amouranth product, smells worse, and weirdly the free t-shirt they were sent is the stinkiest product in the box. Perhaps the jar wasn't sealed properly and the gas leaked out and seeped into the fabric.

Don't put your debit cards away just yet. Mizkif and their fellow YouTubers had a very different fart jar experience. Upon cracking up Amouranth's product, the sniffer leaps from their seat and is visibly in shock after legitimately smelling a stink bomb directly from Amouranth herself. Despite the presumably terrible stench, the group is disappointed a little later on when they return to the jar only to discover it only contained “one hit”. Fair warning, if you do drop $1000 on an Amouranth jar, it might not smell of anything at all, and even if it does, don't expect to get more than a single sniff from your pricey product.

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