The 9 Best Items In Hello Neighbor 2

Video games are jampacked with items. These items can be used for a variety of purposes, such as opening doors, completing puzzles, and even healing your character. Hello Neighbor 2 makes items a focus of gameplay. You need to understand how most of them work to progress through the story and uncover what the neighbor is up to.

You'll find a lot of items in Hello Neighbor 2 that serve no purpose. They sit there or can be pushed around, but you won't be able to pick them up. What you want to do is find the items that you can grab and use on your journey through the game. They are vital to your success.

9/9 Rocks

While some windows and glass cases can be opened with other methods, nothing beats launching a good old rock at them. Rocks aren't too plentiful in Hello Neighbor 2, but the ones you do find come in handy.

These rocks work just as you'd expect them to. You pick one up and aim at wherever you'd like to throw it. Throw the rock and it'll smash open glass or cause a distraction if you're looking for a way out of the corner you're trapped in.

8/9 Cogs

Cogs come in various colors and sizes in Hello Neighbor 2. It is very obvious where they go in most cases, but some instances are tricky. Typically, you'll need to place a cog with several others to finish a contraption that works a door.

Other uses may see a singular cog needed to finish a puzzle. You might need to place it inside of a grandfather clock or another machine to get it running. Whatever the case may be, cogs are all over and important to progression.

7/9 Security Camera

The security camera comes in two parts. There is the camera itself, which you can place on the wall of a room. And then there is the display. You need to gather both pieces in order to use the security camera properly.

Once you have the camera set up and the display screen in hand, you can keep watch on a certain area at any time. This can be valuable to keep track of a home's resident or to double-check a room if you think you missed something.

6/9 Hello-copter

Drones have become increasingly popular in real life and a useful tool in video games. Hello Neighbor 2 introduces the Hello-copter, which is essentially a drone. It takes the security camera and turns it up a notch with distance and mobility.

The Hello-copter has a small screen that allows you to control the helicopter-like camera. You can fly in and out of buildings, around the neighborhood, or leave it to hover with its vision in one direction to ensure the coast is clear.

5/9 Shovel

The shovel is the weapon of choice for Mr. Peterson, the main antagonist of the Hello Neighbor series. He not only uses it to dig holes, but he also uses it to attack your character in a few different scenes in the sequel.

This tool isn't only available to Mr. Peterson, however. You can find shovels in-game and use them to your advantage. They can bust open windows or be used to dig up clues needed to complete various puzzles.

4/9 Fire Extinguisher

One of the more fun items in the game is the fire extinguisher. There are a handful of fires you'll need to put out as you play through the game, but simply extinguishing flames isn't the item's only function.

You can use the fire extinguisher to reach places you normally wouldn't be able to or safely land from a higher jump. Just aim directly down at your character's feet and use the fire extinguisher. The burst from the nozzle causes a pushback that will slow your ascent or keep you in the air.

3/9 Scissors

Scissors are vital to your success in Hello Neighbor 2. Without a simple pair of scissors, there'd be plenty of blocked pathways and incomplete puzzles. It is surprising just how many things you need to cut in the game.

You'll come across cobwebs, police tape, pictures, and pieces of paper that all need to be cut at some point. This will open up new areas, make objectives more accessible, and help you put together clues. This most basic tool is one of the most necessary.

2/9 Keys

Keys can fall into one category in this title. There are loads of them you'll find while playing. You will see keys scattered all over the place and each has its own purpose. Of course, that purpose is to unlock a lock.

Multiple doors, cabinets, pathways, and more will be closed with a key needed to open them. Just make sure you find the right key as there are so many. You'll need them to really discover what Mr. Peterson is hiding.

1/9 Crowbar

The item that you'll probably find yourself using the most in Hello Neighbor 2 is the crowbar. You gain access to a crowbar almost immediately. From there, it quickly proves itself to be an ally as you wander the neighborhood.

You'll locate wooden boxes, boarded-up entryways, and hatches that can only be opened by prying with the crowbar. Not to mention it has dual use as a projectile. Throw it at an adversary as a distraction or break into a second-story window with it.

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