The 10 games that made the PS4 – Reader’s Feature

A reader offers a warts and all examination of the most important games on the PS4 and how the console came to dominate its generation.

For the first time since entering the console market, with the original PlayStation back in 1994, Sony found itself on the back foot during the PlayStation 3/Xbox 360 era.

With Microsoft badly misjudging the launch of the Xbox One by bundling in Kinect, thus making the console more expensive than the PlayStation 4, and requiring the console to always be online, Sony were given an opening and they took advantage by focusing on producing top quality exclusives.

So here are just 10 of the many games that made the PlayStation 4 such a critical and financial success.

Original exclusives

Death Stranding

There aren’t many people in the industry with a higher profile than Hideo Kojima, and Death Stranding (for better or worse) is undoubtedly his game.

Following a cataclysmic event, known as the Death Stranding, the remnants of the human race are forced to live in underground and their very survival relies upon ‘porters’ who deliver messages and supplies between these colonies. For those that click with it, the challenge of delivering packages to increasingly remote locations can become incredibly addictive, and the excellent acting and soundtrack perfectly compliment the unique, interesting, and often downright bonkers plot.


FromSoftware had already developed quite a reputation with gamers thanks to the Dark Souls series and Bloodborne only further cemented them as one of the best developers around. Every bit as intricately designed and intriguing as its spiritual successors, Bloodborne takes the FromSoftware template and ups the pace of combat to make for another challenging, but oh so rewarding experience.

God Of War

The God War series had always been held in relatively high regard for its combat, but other than that the games didn’t have very much going for them. This semi-reboot not only improves upon the already enjoyable combat (in large part thanks to the brilliantly versatile Leviathan Axe), but also manages to turn the previously unlikeable Kratos into an interesting and even darkly humorous character. When you add a beautifully crafted world full of secrets to discover, you have one of the best action adventures games available on any console.

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

A Thief’s End sticks pretty close to the established Uncharted formula of puzzle solving, shootouts and spectacular set pieces. There are a few pacing issues, and the gunplay isn’t quite as solid as it could be, but the fantastic highs more than outweigh the few lows, making for an epic action adventure title. If this is indeed the final game in the series, it is certainly a fitting end.

Horizon Zero Dawn

Horizon Zero Dawn certainly sticks close to the usual open world formula laid down by games like Far Cry, but this is a world that is more entertaining to live in than anything outside of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild or Elden Ring. Not only is it amongst the very best looking games ever made, but the combat is excellent. Experience rather than tutorials teaches you how to tackle each of the 26 unique creatures roaming the landscape and the story (despite some corny dialogue) is genuinely original and full of surprises.

The Last Of Us Part 2

With the Uncharted series and The Last of Us, developer Naughty Dog built a strong fan base during the PlayStation 3 era and, as one would expect, The Last of Us Part 2 is another hugely ambitious game. Such ambition didn’t come without controversy and the story of revenge will make most feel at least a little uncomfortable. But there is arguably no developer that creates the sort of cinematic stories Naughty Dog do and the improved gameplay makes for plenty of truly intense encounters.

Remasters and remakes

The Last Of Us Remastered

For anyone that didn’t own a PlayStation 3 this HD remaster of arguably the console’s best game was an essential purchase. Following the story of Ellie and Joel as they battle to survive in a world destroyed by a zombie apocalypse, The Last Pf Us is hugely ambitious game with a virtually perfect mix of cinematic storytelling and superbly tense gameplay, and it kept me enthralled from it’s fantastic opening to shocking finale.

Shadow Of The Colossus

Much like its predecessor (Ico) Shadow Of The Colossus takes a minimalist approach to proceedings, creating an almost overwhelming atmosphere of calm isolation. In terms of gameplay, it basically boils down to 16 boss battles and every single one is truly awe-inspiring.

Even in its original form it’s a true masterpiece, and with this remaster it now has the visuals to match. This is one of those rare games that’s worth buying more than once.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake

A full remake rather than a simple remaster of the much loved Japanese role-player, Square Enix went all out and essentially remade the game from scratch. Most of the original characters remain, but the removal of turn-based combat and additional side quests make for a completely new, but very enjoyable, experience. The only real negative is that this is only part one, and at present there seems to be no set timeline as to when we’ll see the rest of the adventure.

PlayStation VR

Astro Bot: Rescue Mission

With Microsoft offering no Xbox alternative to PlayStation VR, Sony had the console market to itself and PlayStation VR is home to a host of great titles including the likes of Tetris Effect, Moss, SuperHot VR, and Beat Saber to name just a handful. Being available on Oculus Rift and PC VR formats does mean they aren’t technically exclusives but Astro Bot: Rescue Mission is however, and it’s arguably the best of the lot.

Having been playing video games for over 30 years, it’s become increasingly rare that I’m surprised by a game these day but Astro Bot managed to do just that on almost every level, with ideas that can only work in VR. I can’t wait to see what this team can do with PlayStation VR2!

Well, there you have it, 10 of my personal favourites that you can only find on Sony’s little black box. Let me know if I’ve missed any of your favourites!

By reader drlowdon

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