The 10 Best Crops To Grow In Harvestella

Growing and harvesting crops are some of the best ways to make money in Harvestella. Adventures can get expensive, so you're going to need to know exactly what crops you should grow to get the most bang for your Grilla.

Some crops are great for profit, while others are better suited for crafting. If you've been wanting to streamline your farm while increasing your profits, you’ve come to the right place. These are the best crops to grow in Harvestella.

10/10 Carrops

Carrops are one of the first crops you will unlock in Harvestella, and they are also one of the best. Carrop seeds are cheap and only take one in-game day to grow. Carrops only yield 10G worth of profit, but if you are filling your fields up with them daily, you are well on your way to earning a regular stable income in Harvestella.

Making sure you always have some Carrops on the go also ensures you will never run out of juices to take along with you on your adventures.

9/10 Stellar Wheat

Stellar Wheat is another invaluable early-game crop. You can earn 15G worth of profit if you decide to sell your Stellar Wheat, and after you've unlocked your first farm fairy, you'll gain access to the Flour Mill.

The Flour Mill allows you to turn your Stellar Wheat into flour which you can use to cook food. Eating food is the only way to replenish your stamina in the field, so it is always a great idea to bring some rations with you on your adventures.

8/10 Grass

Grass might not sound too exciting, but it's a great crop to take advantage of in Harvestella. Grass seeds are incredibly cheap and only take two days to grow. Grass is not the best crop for profit but when processed by the Feed Maker, it becomes food for your precious Woolums.

You can purchase Woolum feed from the town square, but making your own is by far the cheapest option. So while Grass may not immediately seem like a profitable crop, the milk you harvest from your Woolums makes it well worth the time and effort to grow.

7/10 Dress Lettuce

Dress Lettuce is another quick and easy crop to grow. It matures in only two in-game days and will earn you 30G of profit. 30Gs isn’t huge money by any means but everything counts, especially in the early game.

Dress Lettuce is also an incredibly useful and diverse crop. It's great for making medicinal juices to take on adventures, so you can ensure your health bar is always topped up when you're in battle. In addition to that, Dress Lettuce is also a common ingredient in a lot of recipes.

6/10 Morrocorn

Morrocorn is one of the best crops in Harvestella for many reasons. It's a great money-making crop, earning you a healthy sum of 200G per harvest. It can also be processed to make food for your adorable Cuffowls.

Morrocorn is also reasonably fast to grow, only taking four in-game days to mature, and can be grown in multiple seasons. Whether you decide to sell it or make food for your critters, Morrocorn is one of Harvestella's most useful and beneficial crops.

5/10 Cucumbles

Cucumbles don’t seem like the best crop at first, but they are actually rather profitable. They take four in-game days to mature, and be prepared to lose money on your first harvest, but don't panic! The redeeming quality of Cucumbles is that they regenerate, so you won't need to buy or plant any more seeds.

Even though you are losing money on your first harvest, you are making a tidy sum of 115G for every harvest that comes after that. You are also saving time by not having to plant seeds. And you know what they say, time is money.

4/10 Islet Watermelon

Islet Watermelons take a long time to mature, but the results more than pay off. A single Islet Watermelon will earn you a hefty profit of over 2000G, and all you have to do is water it for 12 days.

Islet Watermelon seeds are some of the most expensive crops to purchase, but their hefty profit margin of 2100G definitely makes them worth the initial investment. And if you happen to come across any Islet Watermelon seeds on your adventures, you've hit the Harvestella jackpot.

3/10 Lantern Pumpkin

Lantern Pumpkins are another one of Harvestella’s heavy hitters when it comes to profit. They aren’t worth quite as much as Islet Watermelon, but just under 2000G is still a very tidy sum and is a surefire way to get rich quickly.

As you can imagine, Lantern Pumpkins are a fall crop and take around 11 in-game days to grow. They are one of Harvestella's slowest-growing crops, but if you plant a whole field of Lantern Pumpkins, you will have a healthy bank balance to show for it.

Lantern Pumpkins also win the most adorable crop in the game award. So if you love making sure your farm is always looking its best, Lantern Pumpkins are the way to go.

2/10 Chilly Plant

Chilly Plants are both profitable and convenient. They are one of the few crops that you can grow on your farm over the winter period, so planting some Chilly Plants is a great way to make sure you aren’t bleeding funds over the cold season.

Chilly Plants take seven days to grow and earn you 700G worth of profit. 100G a day for just keeping your Chilly Plants watered is a pretty good deal!

1/10 Tree Saplings

Tree Saplings are a valuable crop in Harvestella. There are a number of varieties to choose from, and saplings vary from 2000G – 4000G, depending on which one you choose. Saplings regenerate, which means they are a great source of income, but the best part about them is that they don’t wither over Quietus.

Quietus is your farm's arch-nemesis, and almost nothing survives its touch – except for your humble tree saplings. So making sure you have some on your farm ensures you don’t have to replant everything from scratch once Quietus passes.

It’s easy to get wrapped up in your adventures while playing Harvestella, but it’s just as important to take care of your farm and the animals that live there. By planting and harvesting these crops, you'll be able to make the most profit possible and keep your farm running smoothly.

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