That Mass Effect Remaster That Totally No One Knows About Has A Name Now

That Mass Effect remaster that we’ve been hearing about all year long finally has a name.

It’s called Mass Effect: Legendary Edition. At least, that’s according to GamesBeat reporter Jeff Grubb. He’s been telling us for the last few months that Mass Effect remastered is real and that it should arrive before the end of the year, although we’re running out of year for the game to be announced in.

The latest has Grubb speaking on the Xbox Expansion Podcast where he dropped the name Mass Effect: Legendary Edition. He also clarified that there would be no Switch version of the remaster, which squashes a rumor from earlier in the month that was started by a Portuguese game shop listing.

Still, we have no official word from anyone about an actual release date or even that the remaster exists. All of this is coming from Grubb’s conviction, rumors, and a report from earlier in the year that said EA planned to remaster one of their big IPs.

In the most recent episode GamesBeat Decides, Grubb said that more details should be coming later this week. We certainly hope so given that EA doesn’t have much else going for them right now, save for their death grip on football and the Star Wars franchise.

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