Terraria: How To Stop Corruption And Hallow Spreading In Hardmode

As soon as you enter Hardmode in Terraria, the world’s Corruption, Crimson, and the new Hallow biome all start to expand outwards. Rapidly. If left to their own devices, these biomes will eventually swallow your entire world, destroying your NPC villages and making life generally difficult.

Thankfully, there are a variety of different ways you can remove Corruption, Crimson, and Hallow from your Hardmode world. This guide covers everything you can do to prepare for Hardmode’s evil biome spreading, and what you can do in the endgame to remove it entirely.

Updated June 23rd by Harry Alston: Terraria is about to get a lot of new players when 1.4 finally releases on consoles, so we’re updating this guide to include some more information on one of the most challenging aspects of Hardmode Terraria: stopping your world from becoming overwhelmed with evil biomes.

This updated guide contains some more information on how quickly Corruption, Crimson, and Hallow spread in Hardmode, as well as what in-game events can impact the spread of the evil biomes.

What You Need To Know About The Corruption And Crimson Biomes

Corruption and Crimson are the main evil biomes of your world. Each world will spawn with either a Corruption or Crimson biome, though there are one or two rare seeds that will spawn both. You can choose whether you start with a Corruption or Crimson world before you start generating it.

The biome will determine which bosses you face, like the Brain of Cthulhu for the Crimson and the Eater of Worlds for Corruption. This will also dictate what sort of armor and weapons you can create before you enter into Hardmode.

How The Spread Of Corruption And Crimson Works

Both biomes will slowly spread, even before Hardmode. They convert nearby blocks to the same biome at a very slow rate. Corruption and crimson can spread through sand, mud, grass, stone, pretty much every default natural block in Hardmode, but in pre-Hardmode, they only spread through grass and bushes. Converted areas will have the same background music, spawn the same enemies, and grow the same plants.

Specific biomes, like the Desert or Snow biome, will have unique versions of the biome when converted into either Corruption or Crimson. For example, the Crimson Desert will spawn enemies like the Blood Mummies on the surface, and Dark Lamias underground. The Snow Biome has no unique enemies, but the Ice will convert to Red Ice.

Some general information about the spread of the evil biomes:

  • Pre-Hardmode the biomes can only spread through grass blocks and the Crimson thorny bushes. This means you can just build a stone wall on the edge of your biome if you want to stop it from spreading.
  • Thinks get more complicated in Hardmode. Not only does the rate of spread increase significantly, but the evil biomes will also spread through stone and vines, which means corruption or crimson will spread underground, not just on the surface.
  • The rate of spreading is sped up as soon as you defeat the Wall of Flesh and enter Hardmode. However, this rate is then decreased once you defeat Plantera. This should stop the biomes from spreading super quickly if you haven’t prepared your world.

How To Stop Corruption And Crimson Spreading During Hardmode

This method is completely time-consuming but is also probably the most effective way to prevent Crimson and Corruption from eventually ruining your world. It involves digging holes. Very big holes.

  • The system is simple: dig tunnels that entirely encase your Corruption or Crimson biomes before you defeat the Wall of Flesh.
  • Alternatively, you can dig tunnels that surround your base. Because 1.4 encourages multiple villages full of NPCs, this is a bit more difficult than it used to be, but might save you time.

You need to dig a surrounding tunnel that is at least 3 blocks wide, although we recommend going for 6, just in case. Imagine you’re drawing a circle around your Corruption or Crimson biome. This trench will prevent the affected blocks from spreading past it.

Remember, vines can grow in tunnels and will spread Corruption. These will grow from underneath the grass blocks. Even though it’s even more time-consuming, you should encase the tunnels in a cheap block, like stone, to prevent vines from growing along the dirt walls. It’s extremely frustrating if the vines ruin all the time and effort put into securing your tunnels.

How To Dig As Quickly As Possible In Pre-Hardmode

Obviously, your world is still in pre-Hardmode, which means you don’t have access to some of the best mining equipment in the game. No super pickaxes, no drills, and no mega-buffs for mining.

There are still some things you can use to make this process as smooth and as quick as possible. These are:

  • Mining Potions – These increase mining speed by 25 percent. Crafted with Antlion Mandibles and Blinkroot (and Bottled Water) at a Placed Bottle. Here’s a handy list of all potions in the game.
  • Slice of Cake – This buff food item is sold by the Party Girl NPC and will also increase mining speed.
  • Ancient Chisel  This accessory is found in Sandstone Chests, or in Oasis and Mirage Crates. It will increase your mining speed by 25 percent.
  • Deathbringer, Nightmare Pickaxe, Molten Pickaxe (at least) – You want the best Pickaxe possible pre-Hardmode to make this possible. Check out our list of the best pickaxes and swords in the game.

If you don’t want to protect your entire world, you can ignore the Corruption or Crimson biomes and just dig a surrounding tunnel around your main base. This will stop your central hub of chests, NPCs, and various other utilities, from becoming overrun by evil biome mobs.

There is also the option that you carry out this job while Hardmode is already active. This means you’ll have access to better mining items that can speed up the process.

  • Watch out though! Make sure you’re very quick with the tunnels, otherwise, you’ll be chasing the Evil biome across your world as it spreads.
  • Defeating Plantera does reduce the rate of evil biome spread. You can rush this boss, if you’re capable, and reduce the risk of your world becoming overwhelmed.

Here are a few other general tips for helping with this method.

  • Sunflowers can be used to prevent the spread of Corruption and Crimson in the early game, although they are less effective when the biomes begin to spread Underground
  • Hallow and Crimson or Corruption will generate in a V-shape once Hardmode is initiated, this means it can cut right through your tunnels which can be a nightmare to deal with.
  • Every Altar you smash (which spawns more Hardmode ores) will also increase the speed of Evil biome spreading. Be careful.

How To Remove Corruption, Crimson, And Hallow From Your World

If you don’t dig tunnels in preparation for Hardmode, you might realize that your world is quickly becoming overrun with one of the three Evil biomes.

  • These corrupted biomes spread particularly quickly through soft blocks, like snow, and mud.
  • Deserts, Snow Biomes, and the Jungle are very susceptible to the quick spread of the corrupted biomes.

As a result, the Jungle biome can very quickly become completely overrun, removing the biome from your world. Here’s a short guide on how to remove Evil biomes when they’ve spread too far.

The Steampunker and the Clentanimator

The Clentanimator is a useful tool sold by the Steampunker in Hardmode, though she has to be living in a Jungle biome home. Come prepared, though, it’s one of the most expensive items in the game.

This tool can be used to both create and destroy biomes. For the purposes of this guide, we’ll show you how to use it to completely remove Corruption, Crimson, and Hallowed from your world.

You will need:

  • The Steampunker NPC
  • The Clentanimator tool
  • Green Solution, also sold by the Steampunker
  • A stack of coins

Green Solution is the ammo you put inside the Clentanimator. When fired it replaces the Evil biome with whatever tile was underneath originally (referred to as “Purity.”) Careful, though, this solution will also transform your Jungle into a Glowing Mushroom biome.

  • The Clentanimator has a range of 60 tiles and is extremely satisfying to use.

One problem is that it’s quite hard to get rid of absolutely all of the Evil biomes. The best way to try and get rid of all of it (and finally satisfy the Dryad) is to dig a series of vertical tunnels and fire the Clentanimator side to side all the way down. This way you should be able to cover a good portion of the affected area.

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