Terraria: 7 Relatable Things Every Player Does

As a sandbox game, you can do pretty much anything you want to do in Terraria. With a wide range of blocks and weapons, you can focus your gameplay on building, fighting, or even just exploring and collecting resources. This gives you the freedom to make your world unique, but there are still some things that most players tend to do.

From building styles to encounters with enemies, you can find relatable things that we all do on this list. Whether you are new to the game, or an old veteran, some things just can't be avoided. Now, let's take a look at the first relatable entry on our list.

7 Building A Square Starter Home

The very first time you play Terraria, you can get a bit overwhelmed. There are tons of blocks to choose from, so what do you make your house out of? More than likely, you will probably choose dirt or wood. On your first day, you also have to worry about keeping yourself (and the guide NPC) safe during the night.

With this in mind, most starter houses look like a box, that may or may not have a back wall. Moving forward from this night, you may build more complex buildings using different blocks, but the flat-roofed box will always be an iconic starter house.

6 Wooden Everything

Along the same lines as the previous entry, your starter area may contain a lot of wood. Before you explore new areas and collect new blocks to build with, wood will definitely dominate your base. Don't get us wrong, wood is a great building material, but variety is the spice of life. Great builds use wood, as well as other blocks mixed in.

As you explore new areas, you may obtain new types of wood. If you are feeling extra lazy, you might even add more rooms to your structure with this wood, creating a mismatched building. Of course, you can upgrade these buildings with stone blocks in the future, to forget about the time when wood was your primary building block.

5 Mismatched Furniture

Exploring underground is a great way to get new items, especially if you discover an abandoned cabin. From these, you can collect tons of furniture. Additionally, there are several different types of furniture that you can craft yourself. With all the furniture options, it can be hard to decide the theme you want, so why not use them all?

When you don't have much furniture, setting them all out creates the ultimate chaotic design style. Did you visit the Underworld once and get an obsidian bathtub? Place it next to honey bookcase that you made after defeating the Queen Bee!

4 Running Scared Through The Crimson/Corruption

Crimson and Corruption are two versions of an 'evil' biome that appears in every Terraria world. The first time you go through this biome, it's quite terrifying. Flying monsters with pinchers relentlessly follow you, and there are thorns everywhere.

If you don't have a good weapon, these can kill you quickly and cause you to lose some valuable money. First-timers may run as quickly as possible through this biome to avoid all enemies, while veterans run quickly because they don't want to waste time defeating all the enemies. Whatever your skill level, you will probably find yourself speeding through this biome.

Want to get rid of Crimson and Corruption? In this guide, you can learn how to remove both of these biomes.

3 Panicking When Fighting A Boss For The First Time

Bosses can be scary, especially if you have never fought one before. Take the Moon Lord for example. This is the final boss of the game, making him quite daunting. The first time you fight the Moon Lord, you may run around in a panic, afraid to die but too nervous to attack.

After defeating the Moon Lord once, things become a bit easier. After several times, it becomes a piece of cake. Eventually, the fear you had will disappear, and you will be able to fight Moon Lord with your eyes closed.

2 Building A Hellevator

A Hellevator is a giant shaft that extends from the surface of the world, all the way down to the lava-filled depths. In games like Minecraft and Terraria, it's often advised to not do this, but of course, we do it anyway. Hellevators are a great way to get down to the bottom of the map in a short amount of time.

Hellevators can be quite dangerous, especially if you come across large caverns or pools of lava. You could fall or burn to your death, and respawn back on the surface. Once back at the surface, you can't just drop down into the Hellevator, because you will fall all the way down and die again. There are some precautions you can take, like placing platforms and rope, but nothing beats a Hellevator to transport you down to Hell.

1 Building A One-Block-Tall Hellbridge

Lastly, we have one-block-tall Hellbridges in the Underworld. When you do make it down to Hell, there is lava everywhere. Sure, you can find bits of land and giant ruins, but if you don't have movement-boosting accessories, then it may be hard to travel between them.

To aid with exploration, many of us build giant 'paths' that span the entire length of the map. With a one-block tall path, you can quickly navigate without accidentally falling into lava. The path can really be made out of everything but chances are, you have more dirt or stone blocks than you know what to do with. Hellbridges aren't the most aesthetically pleasing, but they are quite practical.

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