Tennis Champion Naomi Osaka Coming To Fortnite

So many characters and people have been added to Fortnite at this point, it's almost quicker to list notable names who aren't in the game than those who are. Joking, of course, but pretty much anyone who's anyone, whether fictional or not, across all forms of media has a Fortnite skin. Even a few athletes have entered The Loop, and today Epic revealed the game will be getting its very first tennis player later this week.

Japanese tennis ace Naomi Osaka will become a part of Fortnite lore when she makes her debut via her very own tournament. Rather fitting for someone who has played in quite a few tournaments herself and is currently the number one ranked female tennis player on the planet. As is customary with Fortnite's character-themed cups, those who rank highest on March 2, when the cup takes place, will get everything Osaka is bringing with her to Fortnite before it becomes available via the in-game store.

As for what you'll be able to get, whether it be by ranking high enough in the cup or buying it with V-Bucks after the fact, there's quite a bit to get through. First, a regular Osaka skin featuring the world number one in some pretty snazzy tennis gear. Probably not the sort of thing that would fly on centre court at Wimbledon, but for seeing off 99 other players in a battle royale, it's perfect.

The Osaka pack also comes with an alternate Dark Priestess outfit, which also looks incredibly cool but is a lot less like anything you will have seen the tennis star sporting on the court, Wimbledon or otherwise. Both looks come with pickaxes that double as back bling, unique gliders, and alt looks. There's also a serve stance emote and a forbidden ace spray, but no sign that you'll really be able to smash plunger grenades at enemies using a tennis racket like Osaka does in the trailer above.

Osaka will join the likes of LeBron James and Neymar who led the way for athletes in Fortnite. There was a time when it felt like Epic was going a little overboard with crossover content in the game, but it has simply become a part of it now. If they were to dry up then it would actually be a little odd. Uncharted items and characters recently debuted in the game to coincide with the movie's launch, and it seems Fortnite's Marvel connection will continue very soon.

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