Temtem: Where To Find Nessla

Even though Temtem is only a week into its Early Access launch on Steam, players are already figuring out which Temtem are the most powerful to use early on, and Nessla is among the most sought after.

Why Does Everyone Want Nessla?

Although there are only 76 Temtem in the game right now, Nessla stands out for several reasons. First, it has two types: water and electric. Secondly, its trait “Electric Synthesize” is useful in combat because it can restore HP instead of taking damage when hit with Electric Techniques. Paired with the Chain Lightning Technique, Nessla will deal 100% of the attack damage to the first target on the opposite team, 70% to the second, and then the third hit will come back to Nessla (as long as it is on the right-hand side of your team) and will heal it. This is a great way to deal with NPCs without having to use too many items.

This strategy also means that Nessla is the ideal choice to do all of the heavy lifting when it comes to grinding in areas predominantly patrolled by water-type Temtem. Nessla will not only heal itself, but it will also make short work of opponents through a clear type advantage. As a result, players can quickly and easily level up a weaker Temtem safely in the background.

Where To Find Nessla

Of course, nothing this good can be easy to find. Acquiring a Nessla can be an arduous process and is considered a rare find. Currently, the best places to grind are on the Island of Deniz where other water-types can be located. Once a player has access to the surfboard, head to the Thalassian Cliffs, the Sillario River, and the Winward Fort.

Patrolling Route 2, as well as the South Eastern edges of the Deniz map are also good places to look, but don’t be discouraged if you don’t find one right away, as Nessla is already an uncommon sight. However, with enough time and grinding, one is sure to appear. Finding a Luma Nessla is even more rare.

Does Nessla Evolve?

Players should note that while many Temtem have powerful evolutionary lines to work towards, Nessla does not evolve into anything — at least not yet. Given how popular the Temtem is, this could change as more content is added,. However, for now, Nessla only has one form.

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