Temtem Developer Says The Servers Can Now Keep Up With Demand

Temtem’s developer Crema Games says that the servers should be stable now, so you might even be able to log in and play.

Temtem releases on Monday to such enormous and unexpected demand that the game’s servers just couldn’t keep up. Super long wait times were common, and even if you could get in and make your character, the game’s loading times and chunky performance made it basically unplayable.

According to the game’s official Twitter account, however, those issues should be largely resolved. That’s good news for Temtem, as a bad launch could easily spell the end of a new indie title.

It didn’t even bother trying to play on Monday. With nearly 30,000 players all trying to get in at once, Temtem‘s meager servers collapsed under the load. Spanish developer Crema Games decided on a temporary solution to cap the game at 20,000 players in order to make the game playable, but that meant there were thousands of players that couldn’t log in.

“We totally understand your frustration and believe us, we’re super frustrated too. We’re going to try to solve the issue as quick as possible,” Crema wrote on the game’s Twitter account on Tuesday. They even offered to provide refunds for players that couldn’t wait.

It doesn’t look like many players took them up on their offer, since today’s Temtem concurrent player count now sits at well over 31,000, according to SteamDB.

Temtem tweeted earlier today that some overnight server optimization has allowed the game to support 27,000 players in a stable environment, so this is good news for those looking to pick up Temtem. Although, we should note that the servers are being taken down fairly frequently for emergency patches to eliminate bugs and further increase server stability and allow more players online.

If you do get taken out of the game due to a server reset, don’t slam that “reconnect” button too hard. Give the servers a few minutes to breathe before trying to log back in.

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