Talented Modder Creates Custom GameCube Joy-Cons For The Switch

A modder has created a custom working GameCube controller that can be detached and connected to the Nintendo Switch. Nope, this isn’t Nintendo’s doing. But seriously – why has Nintendo never thought to do this before?

Shank Mods is a talented game console control modder known for his Wii and GameCube mods that he’s showcased on his various social media platforms. All of his projects are impressive, from his portable and pocket-sized Wii and GameCube. But his latest creation – a custom GameCube controller that can work as Nintendo Switch joy-cons – is truly something else.

In a fourteen-minute video posted to his YouTube channel, Shank details the long and painstaking process it took for him to create these custom controls. Shank began by first taking a pair of Switch joy-cons, taking them apart, and setting aside the parts he would need. Then, he split a GameCube WaveBird controller to use as his custom controller’s body. There were many reasons Shank decided to go with a WaveBird controller, one being that when split in half, the controller is the exact same height as the Switch. The entire overall process took months to complete and involved many custom 3D-printed parts just to make sure everything would fit and come together.

Shank didn’t create this custom creation all on his own, however. The modder received help and assistance from modders like MadMorda, known for her creations like “World’s Smallest GameCube Controller” and the accompanying “World’s Smallest GameCube”. He even traveled to her place to receive one-on-one painting lessons just to ensure his controller would be perfect.

The end of Shank’s video shows the controllers in action. They’re completely compatible with Switch games, no matter what position they’re being used in. Even when they’re functioning as unlocked 1P and 2P controllers – they may be a pain, but Shank assures his viewers that they work.

If you’re hoping to get your own custom GameCube controller to use on your Switch, unfortunately, Shank has no plans to make more of these controllers, explaining that this process, while fun, did take a considerable amount of time and effort to complete. He also advises that this project is not easy and that he does not recommend it for any first-time modders.

But hey – maybe with enough modding practice and a 3D printer, you could have your own GameCube joy-cons too.

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