Take-Two Disapproves of Latest Hot Coffee Mod For Red Dead Redemption 2, Asks For Its Removal

One of the latest mods for Red Dead Redemption 2 has been gaining traction within the community, but not for the right reasons. The mod, which is called Hot Coffee, basically allows players to have physical intercourse with various women within the game. As such, got Rockstar’s and Take-Two Interactive’s attention.

The mod’s origins date back all the way to Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. Originally, the game was supposed to have a minigame where CJ took one of his girlfriends out to dates, thus building up a romantic relationship with her. Once the progress reached a certain point, the girl would invite CJ to her home for some “coffee,” hence the name of the mod. Although the minigame was removed from the final version of the game, it was still present within the source code, thus allowing dataminers and modders to add it back, and caused Rockstar to release a patch to remove the minigame completely.

Although Hot Coffee was gone, its memory lived on. As more Rockstar games released, modders were able to create the Hot Coffee mod for them, allowing players to download it and make their gameplay experience a bit more immersive. With Red Dead Redemption 2, it seems that publisher Take-Two Interactive wants the mod to be taken down completely.

The information comes from YouTuber Swegta who stated in his video that the modders were contacted by legal representatives of the companies, and how they were told they were in violation of Red Dead Redemption 2‘s EULA (end-user license agreement). Specifically, the modders were guilty of “decompiling, preparing derivative works based on, or otherwise modifying the software,” and how the code of conduct they violated “includes a prohibition on users creating, uploading, or posting material that is vulgar, obscene, sexually oriented […].” As such, the modders were asked to take the mod down.

In his confirmation to PCGamesN, mod author Unlosing has confirmed the legal threat, but criticized the decision. According to Unlosing, the Hot Coffee mod “does not contain nudity,” and uses assets from the game (particularly the drunk bar mission with Lenny). On top of that, the mod is only for single player, not multiplayer.

As of the time of the writing, the mod continues to remain on the internet.

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