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Catiua is a significantly important character in Tactics Ogre: Reborn, and this is reflected well in the fact that she has not one, not two, but three entire unique classes at her disposal – so many that you can feel frustrated at how restricted they are.

All three classes are great in their own way, but you'll need to know exactly how to use them to make the most of them. We've got some suggested builds for each of them.

Priest Build

Priest is basically a souped-up Cleric and works really well if you need a healer. You'll get Abuna Classmarks easily by heading to Phorampa Wildwood in Chapter 4 and taking out Clerics in the first map.

Class Priest
Equipment The best Mind-focused Cudgel you have access to. Catiua's Crimson Necklace is always decent.
Spells Boon of Swiftness, best Major Heal spell, best Judgement spell, Ease
Skills Meditate, Sanctuary, Insight, Holy Water (you can swap this for Cudgels on maps without undead foes)

This build is useful at all times, but shines in battles against the undead.

  • Holy Water is a Catiua-exclusive Exorcism skill. Being able to use it in addition to a normal move makes Catiua the perfect exorcist for undead-heavy maps.
  • Our only healing spell is a Major Heal spell – single-target healing spells simply aren't that effective late into the game, but Major Heal retains utility for a long time. Ease is always useful, and Boon of Swiftness is a great buff for your frontliners.
  • Judgement, especially at the highest tiers, is a fantastic spell in a game where enemies love to clump together.

You can treat Catiua as any other Cleric with this build, albeit one with a bit more offensive whack. Loading her up with MP-recovery items or using another unit to supplement her MP will be fantastic, though, as this is a pretty MP-costly build.

Princess Build

The Princess class is what you'll get when you recruit Catiua normally in Chapter 4. It's a fantastic class that balances offense with defense.

Class Princess
Equipment Best Cudgel you have, preferably with a great secondary effect, such as Staff of Restoration's heal.
Spells Best Acid Rain spell, best Major Heal spell, Dread Vapor, Ease
Skills Meditate, Lucky Star, Engulf, Princess's Whim

This build aims to turn Catiua into a serviceable nuker who can also heal when the time comes.

  • Dread Vapor and Acid Rain make a great pair of spells. At the third tier, the latter has a great range for engulfing multiple enemies, and the former has more power for taking care of specific enemies.
    • You get Dread Vapor from the Shrine quest in Chapter 4.
  • Keeping Catiua somewhat close to your frontline is not a bad idea – Lucky Star and Princess's Whim are both great skills that affect nearby allies. You'll want them to activate whenever they can, especially the debuff-erasing Princess's Whim.
  • Engulf is fantastic for this class, as it significantly boosts how tactical she can be with her offensive spells.
  • Dark Priest Build

    Dark Priest is a pretty well-hidden class. You can get Heretic Classmarks by taking on the leftmost battle in Heim when taking on the stronghold at the end of Chapter 4 – bring Catiua in the Princess class, and you'll get the Classmark at the end of the battle.

    Class Dark Priest
    Equipment The best INT-boosting equipment you have, plus the weapon with the highest spell-range boost you have.
    Spells Best Word of Pain spell, best Meteor Strike spell, Paradigm Shift, Petriburst
    Skills Cudgels (or Spellbooks), Meditate, Bloody Gag, Iron Maiden
    Items Have some self-healing items and an MP-recovery item for battles where Meditate doesn't activate.
    Notes Use a Dark Charm to turn Catiua into a pure dark mage. She'll benefit greatly from the extra damage.

    Dark Priest is a very offensive-based class, which is a stark contrast to Catiua's other unique classes. The highlight of the class is Bloody Gag, which will put nearby enemies to Sleep, as well as Silencing them.

    • Thanks to the utility that Bloody Gag provides, you'll want to keep Catiua in the midline rather than the backline. You want Bloody Gag to fire as often as possible, and that can't happen if Catiua's too far away from her foes. That said, this will require quite a lot of support – she will still be a squishy caster and will probably need lots of healing.
    • Iron Maiden is not as useful as Bloody Gag, but it'll still help out with its Poison effect. The fact that this class works better closer to enemies means that Engulf isn't as necessary here as it is on Princess.
    • Petriburst is a fantastic spell that takes enemies out for multiple turns. Add this to Catiua's skillset to turn her into a very effective debuffer.
    • This is an MP-costly build. Consider stocking up on high-value MP recovery items, such as Glass Pumpkins. It's worth the effort!

    The strategy with this build is pretty obvious – stay close to the front lines to take advantage of your auto skills and pelt enemies with spells.

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