Survival Horror Game Devour Set To Bite Into Steam January 28

British independent video game studio Straight Back Games recently announced the Steam launch date for its upcoming co-op survival horror game, Devour. Mark your calendar for January 28, but start preparing to stop cult leader Anna Puerta before the demon possessing her drags everyone down to hell.

Devour’s Steam page is live, and features the Devour Release Teaser video that accompanied the release date announcement. And if the name Anna Puerta rings any bells, you may know it from Straight Back Games’ previous game, The Watchers, where she was also one of the main characters. In fact, Devour is the prequel game to The Watchers, and will launch on Steam for $4.99 (€3.99 / £3.99). The Watchers is also still available on Steam, and currently priced at $8.99, with the game and soundtrack bundle currently available at a 10% discount for $9.88.

Devour sets you in the survival horror role of one to four players who attempt to survive together by exorcising a demon from Anna Puerta. Puerta is the leader of The Watchers of Azazel cult, and has summoned the goat demon Azazel thinking she can control him. But, of course, something goes terribly wrong, and Azazel instead possesses and takes control of her. As former cult members, you and your group must break Azazel’s possession of Puerta, which requires gas, a fire pit, and according to the press release, “enough ritual goats to burn.”

Devour features two to four player co-op, but also has a single-player option that’s considered a hardcore mode if you’re really brave. Each Devour game can last up to an hour, and each game is highly replayable, as each survival and ritual item, including locked doors, and those goats are placed randomly with each new session.

Additionally, Azazel/Puerta’s rage and speed increase during each game session, and so do the number of demons Azazel will summon against you. The randomness and Azazel’s increasing abilities means each Devour session will be unlike the others.

Run screaming over to Straight Back Games’ YouTube channel, and to the Devour Twitter channel, for more info.

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