Survival Horror Dinohazard Is "A Blend Of Dino Crisis And The Thing"

Take the heart-racing, claustrophobic intensity of John Carpenter’s The Thing and replace the body-morphing parasite with dinosaurs. That is the premise indie Dinohazard presents as you try to escape a sub-zero research facility. The creepy adventure is available now via

On paper, Dinosaurs don’t seem as terrifying as a mutating symbiote keen to devour your pets as much as your colleagues. However, it appears the reptiles in Dinohazard are just as unforgiving. Edward, Jose, and protagonist K are the last remaining survivors of the secret research facility, where dinosaurs, known as “ITs,” had an unexpected uprising. Dinohazard also has the eerie glow of The Thing, where characters and shards of the environment would only be illuminated by lanterns or machinery lighting.

This dino indie is currently in its prototype stage and takes around 15 minutes to play through. Alpha Beta Gamer supplied ten minutes of gameplay footage featuring fixed camera angles and an introduction to the grungy facility that you’ll quickly become acquainted with. The prototype seems to be without any score and instead relies on the silence of your escape and the hissing of your enemies. Diary entries from the protagonist appear in cutscenes which adds to the survivor element of the game. In addition, Dinohazard features no combat to concern yourself with and instead focuses on stealth. The game will allow you to take a few hits before you die if spotted by a raptor, otherwise, they’re relatively easy to sneak past.

Of course, Dinohazard is also inspired by Capcom’s Dino Crisis in its theme as well as its PS1-styled graphics. Anyone who has a Stegosaurus-sized hole in their gaming library should get a kick out of Dinohazard and its lingering atmosphere. The game’s lack of combat and music, its stealth mechanics, and eerie setting adds to its intensity and dials your fear factor up to ten.

Hashbane Interactive’s upcoming open-world adventure Instinction is also looking to fill the gap that the Dino Crisis series left behind. Aiming to release as a spiritual successor to Capcom’s survival horror, Instinction will allow you to explore the natural habitats of dinosaurs, solve puzzles, and unlike Dinohazard, you’ll get to enter combat with the prehistoric creatures.

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