Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: How To KO At 30% Using Byleth

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate saw its latest DLC fighter enter the battle this week. The 7.0 patch brought Byleth, the main character of Fire Emblem: Three Houses. And although a certain group of gardening tools might be mad at the prospect, Byleth does offer some strategic play thanks to their mastery of different weapons. We’ll be taking a look at one of these weapons – the lance. With some precise placement, Byleth players can KO an opponent as early as 30%.

This tip comes courtesy of Yotuber GIMR, who put out a video on Byleth’s easy ledge trap in Ultimate. The simple explanation is that you stand facing the ledge and charge up a forward smash. You do this when the opponent opts to hang from the ledge before getting back on stage. Byleth’s forward smash is a thrust of the lance, and it has some fantastic range. If the Byleth player is spaced properly, the charged forward smash will hit the opponent as soon as they climb up from the stage’s ledge.

If the opponent rolls back on stage, Byleth will hit them with the middle of the lance, pushing them back to the ledge. If they attempt to jump, you can angle the smash upwards and catch them with the tip. If they try to simply get up or pull some kind of air dodge trickery at the ledge’s edge, Byleth will just hit them with the spear’s tip. Either way, connecting with the tip can KO an opponent with only 30% damage.

What it comes down to in the end is that Byleth’s forward smash reach is so long – and the action happens in a fast 10 frames – that it leaves opponents few options for climbing back from the ledge. Of course, more adept players will soon come to read your timing and find ways to jump around the lance. Even so, the ledge trap offers an easy tool in the Byleth player’s toolbox for edge guarding.

If you want to incorporate this ledge trap into your play, GIMR recommends going to the edge and dodge rolling backwards. This will place Byleth at the perfect distance to create the ledge trap. Eventually you will learn the spacing out of habit, but the rolling trick is a great reference tool.

It is worth noting that the timing of the ledge trap might be affected by online play. Thanks to internet lag, the opponent might get some extra frames to escape from the lance’s reach. So use with caution, but keep this tip in mind for great beginner Byleth play.

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